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Coral Island: How to Unlock and Upgrade the Hot Springs

Recover energy quickly by unlocking and upgrading the Hot Springs in Coral Island. Here's how.

When you first enter the Bath House, you’ll notice it’s temporarily out of service, but you can get it running again — with a little magic from the Goddess. Here’s how to unlock and upgrade the Hot Springs in Coral Island

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How to Unlock the Hot Springs in Coral Island

You can access Coral Island’s Hot Springs during your first Spring, which is great news for those looking for an easy and free way to regain Stamina early on. First, you need to complete the Mythical Dream quest and begin the Temple Offering one that comes after. For me, the dream triggered on Spring 8, after I learned about the town’s ranking. The Lake Temple unlocked on Spring 9. 

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Once you complete two temple offerings, you’ll unlock the Hot Springs. It won’t be immediate, though. I had to give the items and then end the day, which prompted a magical vision of the vines being removed from the area. A “thank you” from the Goddess, no doubt.

Once you wake up, you’ll probably want to head straight there. But to make the trip worthwhile, I recommend depleting your energy by cleaning up your farm or mining in the Cavern. Then, head to the newly replenished Hot Springs to recover your Stamina.

How to Make Temple Offerings in Coral Island 

Making your offerings at the Lake Temple resembles Stardew Valley’s Community Center. You’ll approach an altar, and there’ll be a list of items to fulfill. For instance, the Catch Altar shows you insects and fish in six different categories. 

I highly recommend using your early resources at the Crop Altar. Like the Catch Altar, there are six sections, but you only need to finish two to access the Hot Springs. I quickly completed the Essential Resources and Spring Sesajen categories since I already had most of the items needed. Here’s what you need for each: 

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  • Essential Resources:
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Stone
    • 10 Fiber
    • 10 Sap
    • 5 Maple Seeds
    • 5 Oak Seeds
    • 5 Pine Cone

While there are seven items total, you’ll only need to give five of the ones listed. I gave Wood, Stone, Fiber, Sap, and Maple Seeds. This also rewards you with a Recycling Machine, which you can use to turn Trash into Scrap. 

  • Spring Sesajen:
    • 1 Wasabi 
    • 1 Morel
    • 1 Turnip 
    • 1 Carrot
    • 1 Daisy

You’ll need to offer all of these to finish this category, but it’s nice that there’s a combination of forageable and farmed items. That way, you’re not waiting on several crops to harvest from your farm. Turnips grow in four days while Carrots grow in seven, so if you plant them early, you’ll have them by the time you unlock the Lake Temple. Additionally, this rewards you with Sugarcane Seeds, a vegetable crop that can be used to make artisan products, such as Sugar and Syrup. 

As mentioned, after completing two offerings, you’ll need to end the day before the Hot Springs open. 

Where are the Hot Springs Located on Coral Island?

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The Hot Springs are located north of the Vineyard and past the Observatory. At first, I thought you could access them outside, like the Lake Temple, but instead, you’ll enter through the Bath House building. Once inside, you’ll interact with another doorway bookended by a pair of two stone fish. 

How to Upgrade the Hot Springs in Coral Island

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Letting your farmer rest in Bath House is one of the best ways to regain Stamina in Coral Island. By the time I unlocked it, my bar had 468 Stamina max, which drained quickly and also took too many food items to replenish. The Hot Springs gives you four Stamina per second, and it only takes about 30 in-game minutes to replenish 100 Stamina, which makes it a quick way to recover. Even better, it’s free. 

The more you level up, the more your Stamina bar will increase, so you’ll want to upgrade your Hot Springs to ensure they continue being a quick, easy source of energy. All you need to do is continue making temple offerings in the Lake Temple. The amount of Stamina you gain will increase as you complete more of them.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock and upgrade the Hot Springs in Coral Island. For more tips and tricks to spruce up your coastal life, swim over to our guides hub for topics like how to complete the Tree Planting Festival and how to get Resin easily.

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