Did you think you'd need to learn the Greek alphabet to mow down zombies in this slow moving, old school survival horror game? Well, you do!

Daymare 1998: Aegis Greek Password Puzzle Solution

Did you think you'd need to learn the Greek alphabet to mow down zombies in this slow moving, old school survival horror game? Well, you do!
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There’s classic challenging survival horror puzzles, and then there are brain teasers that are just flat out unfair or poorly designed, and the Daymare 1998 Greek Password puzzle falls into that latter category.

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Don’t feel too bad if you’re stumped by this one — the game really doesn’t go out of its way to offer clues as to how to answer the phrases (and hopefully that will be dealt with after launch in a patch).

Below we explain exactly how to input the proper Greek passwords into the founder’s office hidden desk terminal at the end of the Aegis level.

For all three of the phrases, don’t forget to scroll over to the big Enter key (the one with the 90 degree turning arrow, of course) after each Greek letter combination is entered and hit F to actually input the password.

Greek Password 1

Phrase: “Cast a light unto the darkness and there shall be no storm from which he cannot save you.”

  • Answer: ΧΑΣΤΟΡ

It’s easy to accidentally answer this one wrong since there are two O symbols on the keyboard, one with a line through it and one without — you want the one without the line to proceed.

Greek Password 2

Phrase: “No matter the injury it will never end his journey.”

  • Answer: ΠΟΛΛΥΞ

This one is even more annoying because there are two different N symbols and three different E symbols on the keyboard.

Here you are specifically looking for the flat topped N at the top-right corner of the keyboard and the three-tiered E symbol at the bottom-left near the Z.

Greek Password 3

Phrase: Long and perilous was the journey of the Argonauts to enter into its possession.


Yeah, this one’s the most obnoxious of all. The first letter is the one that looks like a lower case “r,” followed by the O with no line, the upside down V, the triangle, the normal E, the normal N, and the O with a line through it. From there the letters should be easy to select before inputting the password.

Make sure your ammo clips are full before entering the password, because a zombie will frequently get up from the floor near the computer after completing this puzzle — even if you cleared the room first.

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