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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Thrilladrome Lost Sector

The Thrilladrome is one of the more complicated Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. Here's how to complete it.

The Thrilladrome Lost Sector, a massive 80s-style arcade, is located in the Límíng Harbor section of Neptune in Destiny 2. It’s the most unique of the three you’ll find in Neomuna. Split across both the arcade and a Vex network space, it’s also the most difficult thanks to all the different mechanics you need to account for. That’s not to mention the boss is sometimes more annoying than fun to fight. Despite all that, here’s how to complete the Thrilladrome Lost Sector.

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How to Complete the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Where to Find the Thrilladrome Lost Sector on Neptune

To get to the Thrilladrome, head to the northern edge of Límíng Harbor in Neomuna and into the building beneath the cannon. Jump up on the display in the middle of the room, then onto the platform above you. To the right of the locked door is a red-lit opening that eventually leads to the Lost Sector.

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You’ll be in the mini-dungeon once you see an orange-bar Vex Goblin interfacing with an arcade cabinet. You can either leave it be or kill it, but I prefer to destroy the thing out of spite. Your mileage may vary. Through the door and to the right of the first Vex enemy is the starting arena of the Lost Sector.

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Thrilladrome Lost Sector Walkthrough

As it is with all Neomuna Lost Sectors, your goal is to clear every enemy in the room, starting with the few on the lower level. Once they’re gone, jump to the upper platform. Defeat the Goblins and Hobgoblins there, which will cause a Hydra to spawn and more Hob/Goblins. Shortly after the Hydra dies, the forcefield guarding the path will open, and six exploding Fanatics will appear close to the near wall. You can either destroy or ignore them.

Take the newly-opened hallway past the few Goblins until you reach the secondary arcade space in the Thrilladrome, otherwise known as the second arena.

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Once again, there are two levels, but now you have to deal with two Minotaurs — one lower, one upper. The group of enemies on the lower level is more spread, so a well-timed Shackle Grenade or other Suspend effects will make killing them a breeze.

Clearing the second area will open the door to the third: the main arcade area. Here, arcade cabinets create thin hallways, and you’ll be dealing with every enemy type you’ve met to this point, as well as a few Harpies near the portal to the boss room.

Clear everything as it appears, especially with a roaming Super. Once the last enemy dies (likely a Harpy if you cleared the Lost Sector the way I did), the Vex shield around the three Goblins will drop, the Goblins will explode, and a portal will appear. Go through it to enter the boss arena.

Thrilladrome Boss Fight

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There are three steps to the Thrilladrome Lost Sector boss fight:

  • Destroy the Vex confluxes near the back of the arena to drop the Cyclops’ shield
  • Destroy the Cyclops
  • Kill the boss.

There will also be glowing Hobgoblins that spawn. Killing them drops a Vex cranium you can use to fire a laser at the boss, a tanky-as-hell Hydra. For every third of its health bar you drop, four Harpies will spawn on both sides of the room at the back near the boss’ spawn portal. The boss itself also tends to float over a death pit and spam you with explosive Void rockets. You’ll probably want a Linear Fusion Rifle for the ammo economy, as trying to take down the Hydra with less than a full stock of rockets is a tall order. But when it’s dead, you can collect the loot and book it out.

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That’s how to complete the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2. It’s probably the most tedious out of all the ones you find there, and I’ve seen it as the Legend/Master difficulty Lost Sector far more than the other two. Hopefully, this guide’s been helpful. For more, check out our guides on In the Hot Seat, how to get Explosive Personality, and use Checkpoint Bot. There are tons more in our D2 guides hub.

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