Destiny 2: How to Get Broken Blade of Cunning

The Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2 isn't hard to get. Just time consuming. Here's how to get and use it.

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There are a lot of obscure currencies and consumables for Guardians to acquire, and you may be wondering how to get Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2. The currency is required to get the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle. And like everything else in Season of the Deep, you get your hands on the item by interacting with some form of water.

How to Get Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2

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Here’s how to get Broken Blade of Cunning in a nutshell, as well as how to use it:

  • Catch an Aeonian Alpha-Betta at the EDZ.
  • Bring other Guardians to increase your catch rate.
  • Go to the Deep Dive activity.
  • Activate Hive Statues.
  • Complete the secret mission.
  • Get the Wicked Implement.

There’s no direct way to get the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2. Instead, you have to catch the fish that you then turn into the Broken Blade of Cunning. Specifically, you need to catch the Aeonian Alpha-Betta at the EDZ fishing hole, then go to the H.E.L.M. and turn it into the bank in the Wing of the Deep.

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The trick is that the Aeonian Alpha-Betta is an Exotic fish and is an incredibly rare drop.

  • A friend of mine did some testing early in the season, and they managed five Exotic fish out of around 500 uses of Bait.
  • However, another friend needed the fish for the Wicked Implement mission and got it in about 15 minutes.

So, like all the RNG in Destiny 2, your mileage will vary wildly. To get an Aeonian Alpha-Betta more easily, only fish when the EDZ fishing hole has additional activity, as noted on your Fishing Tackle item.

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You’ll want to have at least two additional Guardians at the fishing pond with you, as the more people are fishing, the more Legendary fish will appear, and the higher your Focused Fishing gauge will go. Higher Focused Fishing means an increased Exotic fish spawn rate, and hopefully, you manage it before a Public Event spawns. When it does, the pond will disappear, and your gauge will reset.

How to Use Broken Blade of Cunning

When you finally have the Broken Blade of Cunning, as well as the Broken Blades of Strife and Ambition, go into a Deep Dive activity and use them to activate the Hive statues scattered around the space. The Blade of Cunning is the final one you need, and you’ll use it after finishing the first encounter. Head beneath the spinning fan, and instead of dropping all the way to the bottom, keep left near two pieces of purple coral. Follow the path around; you should see the third and final statue.

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If you activated the previous two statues, you can then take on the secret mission portion of Deep Dive, which, if completed, awards the Wicked Implement.

That’s how to get Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2. Simple, right? It wouldn’t be an Exotic quest if it made total sense. Why are fish unlocking ancient Hive magic? Don’t think. Only fish. For more content that doesn’t really follow modern logic, check out our guides to getting the Gjallarhorn, Deterministic Chaos, and Vex Mythoclast Exotics. Our D2 guides hub has more (that hopefully does make sense).

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