Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Lost Lillipup

Here's how to find the lost Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns

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As Tim and his partner come across plenty of people who need their detective skills in Detective Pikachu Returns. You’ll come across many people who will need your help. Shortly after beginning your journey, you’ll come across a lady who lost her Pokemon. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to find the lost Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns

How to Find the Lost Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns 

During the first main story quest, you’ll find yourself outside of the Denis’s Mansion. Going inside continues the main quest, and gives you an opportunity to take on a side quest to find a lost Lillipup.

You can find a woman talking to a police officer at the front of the gate. She’ll explain that she took her Lillipup for a walk, but it got over excited and ran away from her. She’ll ask you to find her lost Lillipup.

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Where to Find the Lillipup

To find the lost Lillipup, you’ll want to go to the left, all the way to Fountain Plaza. Once you’re there, you’ll see an alleyway in the right corner. Walk down to the Back Alley and you’ll find the Lillipup by the lamp post

After you talk to the Lillipup, the trainer will meet you in the Back Alley and thank you for finding her Pokemon. This will complete the side quest. You can find them in the park after the side quest to see how they’re doing, but it won’t lead to another quest.

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That’s how to find the lost Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns. Make sure you talk to the woman outside of Denis’ Mansion to start the side quest. For me tips and guides on Detective Pikachu Returns, make sure to check out our guides hub

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