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Diablo 4: All Kehjistan Cellar Locations

There's more than sand and demons in Kehjistan. Here are all of the region's cellar locations.

Kehjistan is the fourth region to be discovered through the main story of Diablo 4. Sandy and riddled with scorpions and cultists, the region contains some epic story-related scenes. Along with the main story dungeons, there are multiple cellars you can clear to earn yourself gold and items to help you on your way.

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The Precise Locations of All Cellars in Kehjistan

While Kehjistan only has five areas, it still boasts a total of 25 permanent cellars. That’s more than Scosglen. The region also has five quest-related points of interest.

All Quest Spawned Locations

The following cellars spawn as a result of their associated quests. They appear in blue on the map with the quest token and will stay on the map until that segment of the quest is cleared. Once complete, the cellar will vanish.

  • Commandeered House: Located in the Southern Expanse as part of Acts of Atonement.
  • Hideout Entrance: Found in Caldeum during The Remnants quest.
  • Mysterious Gateway: Found in Caldeum as part of The Way of the Three quest.
  • Osric’s Garrison: Located in Caldeum as part of An Unlawful Order.
  • Triune Hideout: Located in the Ragged Coastline and is part of the Head of the Snake quest.

All Cellar Locations in the Amber Sands

There are six locations to find in this area of Kehjistan.

Blighted Burrow

The Blighted Burrow cellar is east of the Altar of Ruin. In fact, that’s the closest waypoint if you’ve cleared the Stronghold. You can also locate the mini-dungeon by heading northwest along the border of the Amber Sands from the Inferno dungeon.

Bone Dust Hollow

The appropriately named Bone Dust Hollow can be found west of the Collapsed Vault dungeon surrounded by Skeletons. You can portal to the Altar of Ruin and head southeast to find this cellar.

Festering Tunnels

This one can be found in the northwest portion of the area. Take the west exit out of the Altar of Ruin and continue until you hit the edge of the traversable area. Then go north. It will be to your right at the top of the map.

Foul Grotto

Another location easily reached from the Altar of Ruin, you can take the southern exit from the Stronghold, then continue southwest until you come upon the cellar.

Man-Eater’s Lair

This small dungeon is right along the border with the Dry Steppes Field of Hatred area. Leaving from the west exit from the Altar of Ruin, head north, and follow the path to the edge of the area. You can also portal to Alzuuda, take the northwest exit from the city, and travel southwest into the Amber Sands to find it.

Ravaged Ruins

The Ravaged Ruins are to the east of Caldeum. While located close to the city, the easier waypoint is Tarsarak due to the number of Mother’s Chosen and demons in Caldeum. Head out of Tarsarak to the Road of Alcarnus, where you’ll find this cellar in a small offshoot.

All Cellar Locations in Caldeum

You can find four more mini-dungeons in Cladeum.

City Armory

Getting to this cellar was one of the most difficult. Caldeum is crawling with demons and followers of Lilith. The City Armory is near the middle of the city, meaning you either have to fight your way through or run like a mad person. I picked the latter and ended up with a giant swarm of mobs tailing me. For those heading directly into the area, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you’ll definitely want to top off on health potions before you head here.

Derelict Tunnel

The Derelict Tunnel is located out of the main city, which makes it relatively easy to get to. Portal to Denshar and take the north exit. Follow the small path to the right to find the cellar entrance.

Deserted Textile Shop

Located closer to the main city, but still not inside it, the Deserted Textile Shop is off to the right of the area. Heading out the north exit of Denshar, take the right path as if going to the Derelict Tunnel. Follow it until the path starts to widen, then head northwest. You’re almost making a U on the map. If you’ve hit the Scouring Sands, you’ve gone too far east.

Knight’s Lodging

This cellar was pretty simple to reach, as I only had to fight one group of mobs at the entrance of the city. Coming up from Denshar gave me a less battle-intensive route. Once you start getting into the city proper, go to the right. You’ll see a small secluded area with this point of interest.

Penitent Temple

Another difficult cellar to get to, portaling directly into the city will give you the most direct path. You’ll be battling through a number of mobs, so make sure to come prepared. Once there, head off to the southwest. The Penitent Temple is located on the ground, not the rooftops, of the farthest left path you can be on.

All Cellar Locations in the Ragged Coastline

The Ragged Coastline region has the most cellars in Kehjistan at seven.

Festering Burrow

Heading toward the water, you’ll find the Festering Burrow. Located right outside the western portion of the Dilapidated Aqueducts, you can portal to Gea Kul and head northeast to find it.

Forgotten Outpost

The Forgotten Outpost is located in the northeastern portion of the Ragged Coastline. It’s legitimately right along the coast, near a path that dead ends at an Altar of Lilith. I portaled to the Iron Wolves Encampment, then headed northwest to reach the cellar quickly.

Ravan’s Folly

Ravan’s Folly is located in the central part of the area, surrounded by various climbing spots. I made my way west from the Iron Wolves Encampment to get here, but you could also go northeast from Gea Kul for a less winding path.

Sodden Burrow

Another coastal cellar, the Sodden Burrow is just northeast of the Heretic’s Asylum dungeon. On the map, look for the small island above the dungeon’s location, then move east. Right along the edge is where you’ll find this one.

All Cellar Locations in the Scouring Sands

You’ll need to find four cellars in Scouring Sands.

Forlorn Cavern

The Forlorn Cavern is located in the middle of nowhere in the Scouring Sands. The only things close to it are some discarded travel items and an Altar of Lilith in the distance to the west. It’s a quick gallop west from Tarsarak, however.

Foul Den

The Foul Den can be found closest to the Untamed Scarps of the Dry Steppes. Head toward the Seared Basin World Boss area from Tarsarak. When you get to the entrance, go northwest; don’t take the path up toward the Dry Steppes. Alternatively, you can portal to Jirandi and go south, then head west when you reach the Scouring Sands. If you come across the Sirocco Caverns dungeon, head south more.

Groundskeeper’s Shed

The Groundskeeper’s Shed can be found just outside the ruins of Elias’ temple hideout. No longer surrounded by a raging dust storm, you can find it by heading northeast from Tarsarak. This cellar is located in the sandy entrance area on the left side.

Hellish Pit

The Hellish Pit is on the opposite side of the Groundskeeper’s Shed, right near the Fading Echo Dungeon. Instead of taking the path to the dungeon, take the far left one to reach the cellar.

Raider’s Mine

The Raider’s Mine is located closest to Tarsarak. Taking the west exit from the city will bring you to an area with an underpass, which is where you’ll find the cellar. It’s in the top part of the red-tinted area of the map.

Rancid Vermin Nest

Heading toward Elias’ now abandoned temple, you’ll find the Rancid Vermin Nest snuggled into the second bend of the path. You’ll find it at the northwest part of the map, near two dead-end offshoots.

Sandy Ruins

Closer to the temple is the Sandy Ruins, but it can easily be reached by taking the small shortcut across the area heading east.

All Cellar Locations in the Southern Expanse

Hakan’s Hot Spring

Hakan’s Hot Spring can be found southeast of the dungeon Hakan’s Refuge. From Gea Kul, take the southern exit, then head east. The cellar is located in a circular path.

Marauder’s Hideaway

Just south of Gea Kul, you’ll find another Marauder’s Hideaway. Heading out the south exit, go all the way to the edge of the map, then head east. You’ll find the cellar entrance snuggled on the left side of the canyon wall.

Webbed Den

Off to the north of the Southern Expanse is where you’ll find the Webbed Den. Surrounded by Scorpions as well as Spiders, you want to take the northwest exit out of Gea Kul to reach it.

Wicked Sanctum

The fastest way to reach the Wicked Sanctum is to travel to Denshar and then leave out the north exit to Caldeum. At the fork, go left and then left again towards the Southern Expanse. The cellar is in the path opposite the Conclave dungeon.

That’s where to find all 25 cellars in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4. If you’re looking for those in other areas, build ideas, or other help, check out our D4 guides hub.

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