Diablo 4 — Do Aspects Stack? Answered

Can you have more than one of the same Aspect? We've got the answer.

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Legendary Aspects are a crucial part of all class builds in Diablo 4. With so many useful Aspects to choose from, it can make you wonder if the effects stack. How much more damage could you deal with double the effects of Aspect of the Grasping Veins? Here’s what we know about stacking Aspects in D4.

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Can you Stack Aspects in Diablo 4?

When you equip your gear, you may notice that you have two of the same Aspects. Unfortunately, one of those descriptions will be grayed out. This is because Legendary Aspects don’t stack in D4. Even though you can imprint the same Aspect on multiple pieces of gear, or draw multiple times from your Codex of Power, the effect will one take place once.

Having the ability to stack Aspects would potentially throw off the balance of the game. Imagine trying to balance a super strong item, and then you have to worry about players stacking them. That would take more time than not being able to stack them at all.

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Along with balance issues, trying to find two maxroll Aspects of the same kind sounds like a grinding nightmare. While being able to find similar Aspects, getting the best of the best is another story. Not only do you need to find a Legendary with that Aspect again, it needs to have the highest rolled stats possible. A more efficient use of time would be to find another Aspect that enhances your build to focus on grinding for.

There are a number of helpful Aspects in Diablo 4 that can be imprinted onto your gear. Even though you can’t stack Aspects you can still make your character the most OP as possible by mixing and matching them. If you need help with Aspects, builds, or where to farm for certain items, check out our Diablo 4 guides library.

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