Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: How to Douse the Historian

To put out the Historian's hellish flames you'll need a little blood and the ability to use the Bless Source power.

To put out the Historian's hellish flames you'll need a little blood and the ability to use the Bless Source power.

Every last nook and cranny of Larian’s fantasy RPG extravaganza seems to packed with secrets, from stray cats that can join as party members to unexpected items hidden just out of sight.

Of course there’s also puzzles galore in Divinity Original Sin 2, with most revolving around the game’s many elemental battlefield effects like blood, acid, and cursing. One such puzzle involves breaking a curse that sees the Historian wreathed in hellfire that just won’t go out, no matter how much water you use.

Like most of Divinity: Original Sin 2, there are several different ways to approach this problem. Below we cover three of the easiest methods for dousing the Historian’s necrofire flames. 

Meeting the flaming Historian

To overcome his fiery curse, the Historian needs to be both blessed and in a pool of blood simultaneously. Some people have tried casting a spell like Rain first, but this doesn’t seem to actually help or be required. Even tipping over a barrel of water doesn’t cut it.

The point is to use the Sourcery skill Bless on the Historian (which will cause flowers to appear at his feet) while there’s either a blood puddle underneath or blood raining from up above.

Rain Of Blood Method

The Necromancy skill Rain Of Blood is a simple way to send a deluge of blood over the area and fully douse the hellfire. Afterwards, use the Bless skill (which costs Source points, so make sure you have some) on the bloody ground where the Historian is standing. In some cases it takes a few turns for the event to actually trigger when you cast Rain Of Blood, so be patient.

Rain Of Blood can usually be acquired from any of the Necromancy skill book vendors, or you can craft it yourself by combining a level 1 Necromancy skill book with a level 1 Hydrosophist skill book in the crafting screen.

Bleeding Party Member Method

If you don’t have the Rain Of Blood skill, however, you can use another method like teleporting one of your own characters up on the dais. You can do this with the teleport gloves found on the Fort Joy beach, or by using a skill like Tactical Retreat that lets you move instanteously.

Once the character is up there near the Historian, hit your own party member with an arrow to make them bleed (keep in mind you have to get through physical armour first) and cover the dais in a blood surface ready to be blessed. Sometimes friendly fire works in your favor!

Flesh Sacrifice Method

If you have an elf character like Sebille, you can instead use the Flesh Sacrifice ability to cause bleeding, and then just teleport the Historian into the blood (or teleport Sebille onto the dais as in the previous method).

After that’s out of the way, use Bless on the bloody surface to douse the fire. This one’s easy to do if you don’t have a Necromancer and don’t want to directly cause vitality harm to your own party member.

 Using Flesh Sacrifice to create a bloody surface

After being released from the flames a set of dialogue options appear, but there’s not much to do as the Historian will leave through a portal. It actually seems like you actually get more experience and go through less trouble to just kill the Historian and skip dousing him altogether.

Have you found any other ways to put out the Historian’s relentless flames? Let us know in the comments section! And if you’re looking for more Divinity: Original Sin 2 guides, be sure to check out our other tips and tricks for every aspect of this turn-based fantasy experience:

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