How to Travel Faster in Lightyear Frontier
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Does Lightyear Frontier Have Fast Travel? A Guide for Better Movement

Let's be real, everyone wants to cut down their travel time in Lightyear Frontier.

Fast travel is a known commodity in many open-world games. It reduces travel time and allows you to spend more time actually doing something in the game. Does the Fast Travel feature exist in Lightyear Frontier, and how can you move around the world better and more efficiently?

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Can you Fast Travel in Lightyear Frontier?

Unfortunately, Fast Travel does not exist in Lightyear Frontier right now. I share your pain of having to haul an absurd amount of resources across the map while being limited to walking speed. Sadly, there are no portals that would act as a teleport device either. This is why you should invest in upgrades to your Mech, to make your traversal as easy as possible. Here’s what you can do to travel fast in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Upgrade Your Mech in Lightyear Frontier

Your Mech can be upgraded in Lightyear Frontier at the Upgrade Depot, a structure you will eventually build as part of your introduction questline.

Upgrade Depot can be found in the build menu (B on your keyboard by default) in the second section and is built with the following materials:

  • Stone x24
  • Aluminum Rod x4
  • Aluminum Frame x4
How to make the Upgrade Depot in Lightyear Frontier
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How to Travel Faster in Lightyear Frontier

Once you build the Upgrade Depot, you need to press the “E” key to interact with it while in the Mech. This will force your character out of the Mech and then you will be able to approach the upgrade panel, once again interact with it with “E”, which leads you into the upgrade menu.

There, you can see a plethora of different upgrades available, but we’ll focus on the movement ones in this article. You can increase your sprint speed and jump height with these two upgrade trees:

Sprint Speed I

  • Caroot Oil x36
  • Copper Wire x5

Sprint Speed II

  • Coilvine Oil x36
  • Spring x5

Thruster Boost I

  • Rabbage Oil x50
  • Power Core x1

Thruster Boost II

  • Lumbloom Oil x25
  • Spring x5
  • Power Core x1

Trust me, these upgrades mean the world to your movement, and as soon as you perform these upgrades, you’ll notice a very visible difference, and you’ll feel more comfortable traveling around. There is one more upgrade to your movement that you can obtain by finishing the puzzle in the Vault near the end of the game.

That’s all about Lightyear Frontier’s movement speed tips. If you need help with finding any resource in the game, check out our list of all resource locations, as well as many other articles, at our Lightyear Frontier hub.

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