Dying Light 2: Best Weapons

Surviving the end of the world means equipping yourself with the best weapons, and these are the ones you should seek out in Dying Light 2.

Surviving the end of the world means equipping yourself with the best weapons, and these are the ones you should seek out in Dying Light 2.

You may be a parkour savant in Dying Light 2, but you will invariably find yourself fighting the undead Infected and murderous Renegades, and if you want to come out ahead, you will need to equip yourself with the best weapons the post apocalypse has to offer.

There is a lot of weapons to choose from in Olde Villderod and the Central Loop, but after many, many hours of testing, we’ve put together this list of the best weapons in Dying Light 2

You can find some of these as loot from Forsaken Stores and Dark Hollows or from Airdrops and military caches in various territories. Depending on your luck, they may even pop up at vendors from time to time — perhaps even at high rarities. 

Best Weapons in Dying Light 2

Factory Line Knuckles 

Sometimes it is better to let your fists do the talking. The Factory Line Knuckles make our list of best weapons because they are a savage pair of makeshift brass knuckles. They allow you to attack with outstanding speed and ferocity. There’s a special joy in knocking the head off of a zombie fisticuffs.

They also reward good footwork, especially against human enemies. Just make some quick sidesteps to get behind the guard of your opponents, and rain down powerful blows upon them. 

Shoelace Machete 

The Shoelace Machete is a one-handed blade that is both fast and strong. It’s the type of weapon that can quickly unleash a series of attacks before dodging away from any retaliation. It’s especially great against groups of Infected. Clever players aim to slice off arms and legs. This is great if you’ve unlocked the stomp ability, which allows you to instantly eliminate downed enemies, making this machete one of the game’s best weapons.


All it takes is one look at Barbarian to know you want to take it for a test drive. It’s a massive two-handed sword that can unleash damage on entire crowds with each swing. Three mod slots give you flexibility, and it’s great in almost any situation.

This is especially great when you unlock the Slam ability. Jumping down, staggering an entire group of enemies, then cutting them down before they can stand again will make this weapon impossible to put down. 

Throwing Spear

Ok, the Throwing Spear isn’t your standard equipable weapon. You don’t keep these; you just find them throughout Villedor and the Central Loop. That doesn’t change the fact that they are great, and should be used at every opportunity. They are, hands-down, one of Dying Light 2‘s best weapons.

These thrown weapons are easy to aim and will skewer humans or Infected alike for massive damage. The Throwing Spear is particularly common around boss fights, especially GRE anomalies. Make sure to take the time to grab and throw these whenever you can. 


The Chopper might be one of the least sophisticated weapons in Dying Light 2, but it’s also one of the best. It’s just a big blade affixed to the end of a pole, but it hits hard. It’s great for cutting off limbs, similar to the Shoelace Machete, but it also drains the stamina gauge of your foes quickly. Draining that sets them up for different special attacks, allowing you to leap from one enemy to another with a powerful kick. 

Now that you are equipped with the best weapons in Dying Light 2, from ultimate undead smashers to deadly renegade slayers, you should find yourself some great weapon mods or clear out some metro stations. We’ve got guides to those, and more, on our enormous Dying Light 2 hub.  

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