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Dysmantle: How to Open Timed Chests

Here's how to open timed chests in Dysmantle.

While exploring the post-apocalyptic world made by 10 Tons Ltd., you’ll eventually come across mysterious caches that you can’t unlock. It can be frustrating getting to them expecting to pick up loot and coming away empty-handed. Here’s how to open timed chests in Dysmantle.

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How to Unlock Timed Chests in Dysmantle

Opening these special loot crates isn’t intuitively described by the game until you figure out how to open the first one. But you also have to open the first one to begin with. The TL;DR is that they’re locked with a time limit, and you need to reach them before it runs out.

  • All timed chest timers begin when you leave a campfire.
  • All timed chest timers reset when you sit at a campfire.
    • You don’t have to rest to reset them or trigger them. You can simply sit, rearrange your inventory, etc., and then get up again.

This means that you can retry reaching timed chests for as long as you like. Simply sit at a campfire, then sprint as fast as possible to open the one nearest your campfire. Additionally, each timed chest has its own designated campfire, so if you’re having trouble reaching one, perhaps there’s a closer checkpoint.

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Most chests have a 10 to 30-second time limit. With that in mind, reaching one can be difficult without preparation. Interacting with it will show you how much time has passed since it was locked, giving you an idea of how fast you need to be.

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How to Get to Timed Chest Faster

In general, you’ll find timed chests as you explore the map. They’re marked with a white chest icon if you’ve discovered them but not opened them yet. I recommend scouting the immediate area for the nearest campfire after finding one. Furthermore, I would clear out any obstacles that bar your way to one and make sure you have the correct tools to open any doors, etc. Your future self will thank you.

Indeed, you can’t even reach some timed chests the first time you find them; you’ll have to return later. Depending on how quickly you explore the map, you may need the gas mask first or another tool found in another location.

Useful Items for Opening Timed Chests

There are useful bonuses and buffs you can gain from trinkets and other items in the world:

  • The Sweatbands trinket will give you +10% running speed.
  • The Roadwarrior outfit will give you an additional +5% running speed.
  • The Obelisk of the Wind will boost your running speed by +7%.
  • Use the pocket watch (Yes, that pocket watch. No spoilers, if you know, you know).

These bonuses will help you reach timed chests reliably, thus scoring exciting loot in under 30 seconds.

That’s how to open timed chests in Dysmantle. Grabbing each one you see should become a natural habit when entering a new area. Remember that you can retry at any time by resting at a campfire. For more guides on the game, check out our Dysmantle hub for tips like all cooking recipes.

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