Elden Ring: How to Complete Iron Fist Alexander’s Quest

Wondering how to complete Iron Fist Alexander's questline and be the best pot friend in all of Elden Ring? This walkthrough guide leads you through this sad story.

Wondering how to complete Iron Fist Alexander's questline and be the best pot friend in all of Elden Ring? This walkthrough guide leads you through this sad story.

Iron Fist Alexander, the first and most important Pot Friend in Elden Ring, has one of the longer questlines in the game, with a powerful reward at its end. Completing his quest chain will take you near to the end of Elden Ring; the only bosses you won’t need to defeat are Maliketh and the final set of fights in Leyndell.

If you’re up for galavanting across the Lands Between searching for the Warrior Jar Iron Fist Alexander, here’s everything you need to know about completing this questline.

How to Complete Iron Fist Alexander’s Questline in Elden Ring

Step 1: Free Iron Fist Alexander in Limgrave

You’ll first meet Iron Fist Alexander in Limgrave, on a hill just west of Saintsbridge, connecting the two halves of the zone.

Stay on the western side of the bridge, and you’ll hear Alexander calling out. Hop on Torrent and jump up to the hill.

Iron Fist Alexander will be stuck in a hole. Do two charged heavy attacks (R2/RT) at his back to pop him out. He’ll thank you, give you a piece of Exalted Flesh, and mention he’s heading to a festival of combat in Caelid to the east. Yep, he’s headed to fight Starscourge Radahn.

Step 2: Defeat Starscourge Radahn and Speak to Alexander

Progress until you’re ready to fight Starscrouge Radahn. and once he’s been defeated, Iron Fist Alexander will be fishing around the bodies east of the Site of Grace. Exhaust his dialog, and he’ll be on his way far to the west, to Liurnia of the Lakes.

Step 3: Free Iron Fist Alexander in Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes

Just south of the Liurnia of the Lakes’ Tibia Mariner, south of Carian Study Hall, you’ll find Iron Fist Alexander, once again stuck in a hole.

You can’t knock him out of the hole this time, as the damage he incurred during the Radahn fight makes that inadvisable. Instead, you must cover his front side in oil. You’ll need the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] to craft Oil Pots, which you’ll find at the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River.

Once you craft some Oil Pots, hit Iron Fist Alexander with one, then smack him in the rear. He’ll pop out without breaking, and have some additional dialog, mentioning he’s heading somewhere to harden up his vessel.

Step 4: Meet Iron Fist Alexander at the Magma Lake in Mt. Gelmir

Along the Seethwater path to Comet Azur is the large magma lake with a Magma Wyrm in it. If you haven’t already killed the boss, do so, then reload the area. Alexander will be engaged in very manly grunting.

Speak to him about it, and he’ll give you a jar to put on your head before mentioning he’s heading east again, to the flame of ruin held by the giants. So becomes your next destination in his questline.

(Optional) Step 5: Summon Iron Fist Alexander Against the Fire Giant

You’ll find Iron Fist Alexander’s summon sign beyond the southern entrance to the Fire Giant fight. I can’t say how effective he is in the fight, but based on the size, HP, and mobility of the Fire Giant, I doubt he adds much of anything beyond buffing the boss’ health. This step is optional, so complete it only if you want to add him to your team against the giant.

Step 6: Meet Iron Fist Alexander in Crumbling Faram Azula

You’ll need to defeat the Godskin Duo to get to this step, and once you do, take the path north, past the dogs and beastmen, the dragon statues, and up the long, curved flight of stairs. You’ll reach a Stonesword Key fog door.

Unlock it, and take the lift up. Grab the Site of Grace, then follow the path through the ruins. Head right, and jump across some buildings.

Afterward, continue over some collapsed towers. Iron Fist Alexander will be waiting on the platform beyond the towers, staring at the storm.

Step 7: Give Iron Fist Alexander the Fight of His Life

Speak to Iron Fist Alexander, and he’ll praise you for overcoming the Fire Giant. He’ll ask one last favor of you: challenge him in battle. Accept, and he’ll attack with everything he has.

It’s not the hardest fight in Elden Ring, but Alexander has some surprises up his sleeve that could catch you off guard. You’ll know you’ve bested him when he falls backward and can no longer get up.

Step 8: Hear Iron Fist Alexander’s Last Words

When you’re victorious, Iron Fist Alexander will mention how he knew the outcome was inevitable, praise you once more, then ask you to take what he bequeaths you. Shortly after, the jar vessel cracks and shatters, and with it goes Iron Fist Alexander’s last breath.

For your struggles, you’ll receive Alexander’s Innards and the Shard of Alexander, which significantly increases the damage of weapon skills (though less so in PvP).

With that, you’ve competed Iron Fist Alexander’s questline and seen Miyazaki kill another NPC everyone loves. For more sad NPC quests, look at our guides to completing Fia’s questline and completing Ranni’s questlines. Our Elden Ring guides hub has even more tips and walkthroughs for sad stories.

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