Elden Ring: How to Start White-Faced Varre’s Quest & Find the Bloody Finger Location

Become the bane of every new player or take on uneven odds with Elden Ring's Bloody Finger invasion item.

Become the bane of every new player or take on uneven odds with Elden Ring's Bloody Finger invasion item.

If you want to invade other players without limits in Elden Ring, you need the Bloody Finger or another item much later in the game, the Recusant Finger. Between the two, the Bloody Finger is more useful. Not only does it let you invade infinitely, acquiring it is one of the earliest means of getting to the Mohgwyn Palace, home of Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

Mohg is one of the shardbearing demigods you’re searching for, and while optional, he’s nonetheless a worthy target. The next place you’ll be able to access his palace is in the Mountaintops of the Giants, a good 25-30 hours into an Elden Ring playthrough.

The quest for the Bloody Finger isn’t long, nor is it complicated like those for some NPCs, but you will be fighting other players to complete it.

White-Faced Varre’s Questline: How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

Bloody Finger Step 1: Meet White-Faced Varre

You’ll meet White-Faced Varre shortly after leaving the tutorial area, following the fight with the Grafted Scion at the beginning of Elden Ring. He stands smugly next to the First Step Site of Grace and, when talked to, mocks you for being maidenless and otherwise worthless to literally everyone. Exhaust his dialog.

Bloody Finger Step 2: Return to Varre after the Roundtable

The next step to the Bloody Finger is to find Melina and make your way eventually to the Roundtable Hold. Do everything you can there, then fast travel back to the First Step. Varre will comment on your progress and direct you to Godrick and his Great Rune.

At this point, you don’t need to return to Varre unless you’d like him to give you more backhanded comments. Go instead to Liurnia of the Lakes to make him spawn at the Rose Church.

Bloody Finger Step 3: Speak to Varre at the Rose Church

Directly to the west of the Raya Lucaria Academy is the Rose Church, which you’ll note by its ruined steeple and blood-soaked surface. Varre is on the north side of the building.

Speak to him. When he asks what you think of the Two Fingers, say something seems off. Varre will be pleased and give you five Festering Bloody Fingers.

Bloody Finger Step 4: Invade Other Players 3 Times

As the Bloody Finger is a PvP invasion item, you should expect to invade a least a few times to get it. Using the Fingers Varre gave you, invade three times in any location of your choosing. You don’t have to win the invasions, merely complete them.

Bloody Finger Step 5: Return to Varre

Invasions with the Festering Bloody Finger completed, return to Varre, and he’ll be quite happy with you. He’ll ask if you want to be anointed. Respond with “Anoint me”. Speak with him until he gives you the Lord of Blood’s Favor, currently unsullied.

He’ll task you with taking the blood of a maiden somewhere in the Lands Between, though he says the blood of any maiden will do.

Bloody Finger Step 6: Collect the Blood of a Maiden

There are a few candidates for maiden’s blood in the world. The easiest to acquire is Hyetta’s, provided she’s appeared at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. She won’t fight back beyond using a repelling spell that does no damage.

Alternatively, you can go to the Church of Inhibition and interact with the maiden corpse there. The prompt will let you soak the cloth in her blood, keeping Hyetta and her questline alive.

Bloody Finger Step 7: Return to Varre Again

With the Lord of Blood’s Favor soaked in maiden’s blood, return to the Rose Church and talk to Varre. He’ll congratulate you again and ask to see your finger. A prompt will appear, allowing Varre to see said finger, at which point he’ll inflict immense pain on your character but also give you the Bloody Finger.

Continue speaking with him, and he’ll give you one last item alongside the Bloody Finger: the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, a usable item that will take you directly to Mohgwyn Palace.

There’s how you get the Bloody Finger from White-Faced Varre in Elden Ring. Low-level PvP is great fun, as well, and the Uchigatana makes for a strong weapon for almost any level, especially when paired with some of the other katanas in our best weapons list. For more tips, our Elden Ring guides hub has plenty more to discover.

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