Completing the map of Elden Ring is a monumental task, so we've collected map fragments and their locations for a greater picture of the Lands Between.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Map Fragments & Locations

Completing the map of Elden Ring is a monumental task, so we've collected map fragments and their locations for a greater picture of the Lands Between.
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Elden Ring is huge, far larger than you’d expect given the relatively small size of the opening area of West Limgrave. Knowing where to find the many map fragments and locations scattered about the Lands Between will reveal the sheer scope of the world, but not its depth.

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Completing the map of Elden Ring by finding map fragment locations is only half the story. Almost every major zone extends both above and below the eye-line of the map, so exploration is paramount, even if you have the general lay of the land.

Regardless, the Lands Between are covered in a fog of war until you explore them, and without these area charts, it remains a brown wasteland even after pulling back the gloom. Here’s where to find map fragments save for a few extremely late-game areas, which will be coming soon.

Where to Find Map Fragments & Locations in Elden Ring

Note that for the majority of map fragments, the obelisk they sit next to is marked on the map as a small orange tower in the otherwise featureless brown void of an unmapped area. Again, we’ve collected all of the major pieces except for a very few very late-game fragments. We will be adding those soon.

Limgrave West Map Fragment

North of the Church of Elleh is the Gatefron Ruins. At the Ruins’ westernmost point is the gate in question, and the map fragment lies east of it, near a large caravan wagon. Several enemies, including a trumpet soldier who will call all his friends, guard the fragment at the base of the obelisk by the road, but you can get out of dodge shortly after picking it up.

Limgrave East Map Fragment 

East/southeast of the Gatefront Ruins, across the bridge and down the road, is the Mistwood. Hang slightly south along the road until you reach the Minor Erdtree. You might also come across a large stone building with an elevator in it, which leads to Siofra River (next on this list). Look for the large bear clawing at a nearby regular tree, and go to the western side of the Minor Erdtree. The fragment is at the base of an obelisk close by.

Siofra River Map Fragment

Travel northeast from the Mistwood well elevator (the one that brought you down here) until you see a large temple in the distance. The map fragment is at the bottom of the temple stairway on the rightmost column. If you stick around to fight the Ancestor Spirit within the temple, use our locations guide for all of the area’s flame pillars, which you’ll need to ignite.

Liurnia East Map Fragment

Using the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace as a marker, the one found just beyond Stormveil after you defeat Godrick the Grafted, head northwest toward the lake. Go through the soldier camp on the way to the lake, and once you make it to the lake itself, you’ll come across a small grouping of trees. Find the map fragment near the end of the trees at the base of an obelisk near some ruins.

Liurnia North Map Fragment

Go almost directly north from the Liurnia East map fragment until you reach either a broken bridge or a large, sunken town. At the intersection of the bridge and the town is the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. The map fragment is right next to the site.

Liurnia West Map Fragment

Go directly west from the Liurnia North map fragment until you reach the island of the Rose Church. Continue northwest until you make it back to dry land. Follow the road north, past an Evergaol, and make your way to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. The map fragment is just northeast of the Site.

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment

South of West Limgrave, you’ll cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, a heavily fortified bridge leading to the southern area of Limgrave, the Weeping Penninsula. All you need to do to find the map fragment is follow the road south through the large tunnel (speak to Irinia on the left side of the road just before the tunnel to start Hyetta’s questline).

You’ll pass through an area of dead enemies and enemies mutilating other dead enemies; this area is dangerous early on, so tread carefully. Finally, you’ll see a merchant on your left. Head through the hole in the rampart wall, and you’ll see the fragment on your right.

Ainsel River Map Fragment

From where you arrive at the bottom of the Liurnia well, travel downstream. You can only go left at this point. Make your way past the ants and the first set of ruins until you reach a large chamber with a strange rock-throwing enemy. There is a well-lit room behind the creature with a merchant in it. The map fragment rests on a corpse next to a nearby pillar.

Caelid Map Fragment

When you first make it to the Caelid Wilds from Limgrave, continue down the road east until it forks north and south, then go south. You’ll pass the telescope, the swamp, a set of ruins, and a church on your right, eventually reaching an intersection. There will be several Sites of Grace on your way as well. Continue following the road east until you see a merchant’s campfire in the distance. The map fragment is right near the merchant.

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment

The best way to find the map fragment for Dragonbarrow is to make your way all the way to Fort Faroth in the far east, south of the Minor Erdtree (you can pick up the right half of the Dectus Medallion here). Use the huge Divine Tower as a guide and travel west from the Fort along the road.

When you come to an intersection, keep going west, and you’ll come to a pond with two dragons walking around. The map fragment is just beyond the dragons. If you come across the Isolated Merchant’s Shack, you’ve gone too far. If you’re facing the Diving Tower, the map fragment is to its southwest, down the path from the tower’s base.

Altus Plateau Map Fragment

The Altus Plateau map fragment is along the northbound section of the main road. Coming from the Grand Lift of Dectus, one path leads you up a grand staircase into Leyndell proper. The path going north will take you right by the fragment, just past a small copse of trees.

If you’re coming from the Ravine Village and the Magma Wyrm, you can turn south to find the Grand Lift, follow the road east, and then north to the fragment.

Leyndell Map Fragment

Just past the western gate to Leyndell at the top of the grand staircase on the eastern edge of the Altus Plateau, beyond the great doors guarded by two Tree Sentinels, you’ll reach the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. The map fragment is on the other side of the courtyard with the Site, opposite the great open gate.

Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment

You’ll reach the first sections of Mt. Gelmir from the northwestern portion of the Altus Plateau. Follow the path up, taking ladders farther and farther up the mountainside until you reach Volcano Manor, a grand keep near the mountain’s peak.

From the Site of Grace just within the Manor, turn around and exit out the front door. Keep to the edge of the cliff on your left, then follow the path down to the platform below. Head down one more platform to find the map just before a cave entrance.

Lake of Rot Map Fragment

During Ranni’s questline, you’ll find yourself in the Lake of Rot beneath Nokstella, Eternal City. Shortly after arriving, you’ll see a shiny item to your right, past the Site of Grace. This is the map fragment.

Those are the map fragments and their locations in Elden Ring. In the meantime, here’s how to respec your stats if you find you want to change your playstyle. We’ve also got a guide on the Siofra River merchant if you need more direction to him. Our Elden Ring guides hub continues to expand, so check it frequently for updates.

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