Evil Dead: The Game: How to Beat Mission 1

Mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game can punish you. Don't let the deadites get you down!

Mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game can punish you. Don't let the deadites get you down!
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Mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game, titled “If you love someone, set them free…with a chainsaw”, stars Ash from Evil Dead II and can be tricky and take a good deal of time. Strap in because when you die at any point in the single-player you have to start the mission from the very beginning.

This can be frustrating, but the missions are worth completing to unlock all survivors in Evil Dead: The Game. You have to do them in order, the completion of the first unlocking the second and so on, so most players will at least attempt this mission. Completing Mission 1 will earn you access to Mission 2 along with the opportunity to play as Ash vs. The Evil Dead Ash in the multiplayer. 

How to Beat Mission 1 in Evil Dead: The Game

When Mission 1 begins you take control of Ash inside the Knowby Cabin with a double barrel and a chainsaw. Scrounge around in the cabin for ammo and healing items before setting off for Bronson Cave

You are looking for your dead girlfriend Linda’s necklace in the cave, but first you will have to fight a tough enemy. Once you defeat him, pick up the necklace and a better shotgun, as well as some ammo and a Shemps. 

Next you are going to head to the Demonic Treehouse to dig up Linda’s still blabbering head. But first you have to pass through a deadite infested area of Cursed Ground to get a shovel.

The shovel will be in a shack near the Circus Cages. Head to the treehouse area and be careful of stray enemies who will rush you. Once you did up what is left of Linda you will have to defeat a wave of 6 deadites

To continue Mission 1, you’ll be heading to the Payne Manor area of the map to stock up on supplies. There will be supplies here, like ammo and Shemps and amulets, but don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.

This manor is crawling with deadites so tread carefully when stocking up, especially near the exits of the mansion. Most importantly, do not leave the Payne Manor without picking up the legendary tier chainsaw and shotgun. They will help immensely in the next fight. 

Mission 1’s final task will take you back to the Knowby Cabin where this whole saga began. Bring Linda’s to the shed outside the cabin that was previously inaccessible to you. This will trigger the final encounter. 

There’s only two enemies, but both are extremely powerful and can clone themselves. To ensure they don’t be sure to combo them with your powerful chainsaw melee attack. When they rear up to attack, dodge out of the way and the use your gun to stagger them. You can make quick work of the two powerful deadites this way in no time.

Mission 1 will end once you finish off the last one off, wrapping up “If you love someone, set them free… with a chainsaw.” For more single-player and multiplayer guides for Evil Dead: The Game, check out our other Evil Dead: The Game guides

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