Fae Farm: How to Get Spore Essence

You'll need Spore Essence for the Sour But Sweet quest.

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 Fae Farm is a magical farming RPG that’ll have you searching for unique resources. Once you progress far enough in the game, you’ll be asked to gather mysterious ingredients like Spore Essence. Find out how to get Spore Essence here in our guide.

How to Get Spore Essence in Fae Farm

You’ll need Spore Essence for the main quest “Sour But Sweet”. However, the quest won’t give you any hints about where to find the puzzling plant. I discovered that you craft Spore Essence from the Sporeweed at the Potion Ingredients Station. You’ll find Sporeweed in the Floating Ruins Dungeon. However, to harvest Sporeweed, you’ll need to have a Scythe upgraded to at least Feyrite strength.

Sporeweed is the small green plant found throughout the Dungeon, but it’s not found on every floor. You can find Sporeweed on floors five through 24 of the Floating Ruins Dungeon. I highly recommend you unlock the Dungeon Seals so that you can easily transport between the floors for resources. You can view our full breakdown of the Dungeon’s Seal recipes here in our guide.

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Once you unlock the floors, you can view the probability of Sporeweed on each level. The chance of harvest will vary from very low, low, high, and very high. If you only need a little, I recommend you head to a high-chance floor. However, you’ll come across some frustrating enemies. So, I recommend you take an invisibility potion so that you can go about your harvest unbothered.

That does it for our guide on how to get Sporeweed in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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