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Fae Farm: How to Use Emotes

You can use emotes in both singleplayer and multiplayer in Fae Farm. Here's how.

Fae Farm still feels like it needs a little content, but at least the multiplayer farming RPG already has emotes for players to use with one another or to complete certain quests. The most prevalent uses will be with other players, though, if you happen to be playing in multiplayer. In this short guide, we’ll touch on how to use emotes in Fae Farm, such as how to wave.

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How to Use Emotes in Fae Farm

By default, there are eight emotes you can use in Fae Farm, each one easily used to spam at your friends in multiplayer. The Wave emote, you’ll want to use for a bit more than that, but in general, emotes are most useful with other players.

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Regardless of the controller you’re using to play the game, press the left directional button on your D-pad to open the emote wheel. From there, use the left stick to select the emote you want to use and hit the A button (or X if you’re using a PlayStation controller on PC).

You can open the emote wheel with the B key if you’re using keyboard and mouse on PC. You can pull up the emote wheel at just about any time, but you won’t find a ton of emote interactions with NPCs.

That’s all you need to know about how to use emotes in Fae Farm. You just pull up the wheel and use them, perhaps to the delight or annoyance of your friends! There’s plenty to learn about the rest of the game. We’ve got guides on how to upgrade your staff and how to get Snowflakes. Take a look at our Fae Farm guides hub to help you through this charming farming RPG.

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