FFXIV: How to Get the Ambitious Ends Hairstyle

Change up your look and learn how to get the Ambitious Ends hairstyle in FFXIV!

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Added in Patch 6.45, you might be wondering how to get the Ambitious Ends hairstyle in FFXIV. You can get this hairstyle two ways depending on how much effort you want to put into it or how much Gil you’re willing to spend. I haven’t changed my hairstyle since I created my character, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting styles as they’re added in case I ever want to mix it up.

How to Get the Ambitious Ends Hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

  • The hairstyle is purchased using currency from the Mount Rokkon variant dungeon.
  • It can be bought and sold on the market board.

How to Unlock Mount Rokkon

If you’ve finished the Endwalker MSQ, you can pick up a new quest in Old Sharlayan (X:12, Y:13.2) called “Mononoke Aware.” This is how you’ll unlock Mount Rokkon.

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Doing Mount Rokkon will reward you with Rokkon Potsherds, and you’ll need six of them to grab the Modern Aesthetics for the Ambitious Ends hairstyle. You can trade them to Trissant, who’s located at the same location in Old Sharlayan where you picked up “Mononoke Aware.”

Depending on the prices on your world, you might find that you’d rather purchase the hairstyle off the Marketboard.

Who can Use the Ambitious Ends Hairstyle in FFXIV

This hairstyle is compatible with all races and genders, which is something that Square Enix is improving on since hairstyles in the past would exclude (usually) Viera and Hrothgar characters.

Knowing how to get the Ambitious Ends hairstyle in FFXIV means that you can copy the fashion sense of a young Lahabrea, or you can decide you’d rather read more guides like how to farm Earthbreak Aethersand or how to earn exp on your Island Sanctuary.

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