Final Fantasy 15: Meat Most Magnificent side quest completion guide

Having trouble with this seemingly glitched Final Fantasy XV quest? We show you how to get that elusive Catoblepas Brisket!

Having trouble with this seemingly glitched Final Fantasy XV quest? We show you how to get that elusive Catoblepas Brisket!
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I have to admit I did not have high hopes in the months leading up to its release and expected a massive flop, but Final Fantasy XV has managed to defy expectations on sales and review scores (even if it does have some big problems, like ludicrously over the top product placement).

Diving into the gameplay itself, there are loads of side quests to undertake in this open world rendition of the Final Fantasy formula. One such hunting side quest amusingly titled A Meat Most Magnificent tasks you with slaying an absolutely gigantic Catoblepas and bringing back its meat, but there’s a catch: the ingredient might not actually drop after you kill the monster!

Below we cover how to find, start, and complete the quest, including how to get that elusive Catoblepas Brikset to drop as it is supposed to after delivering the killing blow.

 Meat Most Magnificient quest details

Meat Most Magnificent Requirements

Before getting started, it’s recommend your party is around level 38 to successfully tangle with the Catoblepas, and it will be helpful to have Ignis cook a Mother & Child Rice Bowl ahead of time (explained below).

Before you can even accept this side quest, Noctis will have to be a rank 4 hunter, and you must have already completed all of the jobs offered by Takka up to and including the Lestallum’s Finest quest.

To start this final job for Takka, talk to him at the service station in Hammerhead, which will open up the A Meat Most Magnificent quest. Quick travel to that quest location (another diner) and talk to the man at the counter to bring up the “Hunt” screen, then accept the hunt named Marsh Madness: The Giant Awakens.

Now you can finally fight those giant Catoblepas you’ve seen from the safety of the car!

Accepting the job

Completing Meat Most Magnificent

The task at hand is to slay the Catoblepas and bring a Catoblepas Brisket back to Takka. Just access the quest location from the quest screen and  follow the map indicator to find the monster wandering near Lake Alstor in Duscae.

While battling this behemoth, the  Catobelpas is immune to instant death effects and resistant to stop effects, but will take increased damage from elemental ice and fire attacks.

Fighting the Catoblepas

After killing the Catoblepas, ideally the Brisket item should immediately drop – but more than half the time it just simply won’t.

Players are under the assumption that the quest is glitched and in need of a patch, but actually the Catoblepas Brisket just has a very low drop rate – meaning you may have to do this quest several times in a row to actually get one.

This exceedingly low drop rate is sort of odd, since based on the size of a Catobelpas it seems like you should get a couple of thousand briskets out of the carcass. Even the game seems to recognize this absurdity as Gladiolus quips that it will take a whole army to haul it all back to Takka.

Although not a sure fire fix, you can make this process easier by having Ignis prepare you a Mother & Child Rice Bowl ahead of time (made by with Chickatrice Leg, Birdbeast Egg, and Saxham Rice), which increases your drop rate after being consumed.

Hurray – we got it!

If the Catoblepas Brisket still doesn’t drop, just return to the diner tipster and restart the hunt to spawn another towering Catoblepas. Within a few attempts, eventually the ingredient will drop. You reward for all this hard work? 3,000 experience and Allural Shallot x 5, Kettier Ginger x 5!

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