Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Farm EXP and Level Up Much Faster

Want to level up much faster in Final Fantasy XV? Then check out this guide!

Leveling in Final Fantasy XV often takes a while, and you want to be high level to do some of the harder activities in the game. There are enemies that give a lot of experience, such as Cactuars, but that's not enough.

If you really want to level up fast, you will want to take advantage of the food and hotel buffs in the game. There are also magic upgrades you can craft in Elemancy to give you an extra boost.

I'm going to go over all the food and hotel methods to give you the fastest way to level up and take on harder challenges!

Level Up Fast with Food and Hotel Buffs

First, you will want to eat food that increases the amount of experience you get.

Food Buff

Although you can get extra experience from the Mother and Child Rice Bowl, it is only 30% extra.

The best way to level up requires you to be far enough into the game where you can call Umbra to travel to the past, which is chapter 9. The food buff you want is sold in Altissia.

final fantasy xv experience food buff

  • Go to the Maagho restaurant, which you can reach by taking a gondola to the Floating Market Station - Maagho
  • Buy the Maagho Lasagna for 8,000 Gil to increase the experience you gain by 100%.

Now when you defeat enemies, you will get 100% more experience than normal. That's not all though, you can get even more experience by taking advantage of hotel buffs.

Hotel Buff

As you know, your experience is not actually added until you rest somewhere. Staying at Caravans and Hotels increase the amount of experience you get when everything is turned in for resting there.

For example: If you get 10,000 experience to turn in and you stay somewhere that gives 3x experience, you will actually get 30,000 experience at the end.

The hotel in Altissia, The Leville, offers 2 experience buffs.

  • 1.5x experience for 5,000 Gil from the NPC on the left.
  • 3x experience for 30,000 Gil from the NPC on the right.

If you don't have enough money, I suggest the 1st option until you get enough to be able to waste 30,000. You can also rack up a bunch of experience then stay there once, so you don't have to keep spending 30,000 Gil.

Combing these methods will allow you to rack up experience much faster than normal.

That's it for my guide on leveling up faster in Final Fantasy XV. Let me know if you have any questions or methods of your own!

Published Dec. 8th 2016

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