This is the best strategy on how to beat Hell House boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Beat Hell House

This is the best strategy on how to beat Hell House boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

At the end of the Corneo Colosseum mission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll fight one of the hardest bosses in the game: Hell House. This boss has some big surprises behind its walls, so be well prepared for the fight. You will find all the necessary tips on how to beat Hell House in our guide below.

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Before attempting to beat Hell House, be sure to equip four elemental materias, such as ice, wind, fire, and lightning. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Beat Hell House

Hell House Phase 1

This phase lasts until Hell House’s life total drops to 75%. During this phase, Hell House doesn’t do much except throw some furniture at you. Do nothing but avoid the hits. You’ll get a chance to hit back soon enough.

During the following attack stage, Hell House will throw some stuffed toys at you. These are bombs that explode on impact. You will need to move around the arena to avoid them all. 

Finally, Hell House will attempt to absorb Cloud or Aerith; it’s part of its Hospitality attack pattern. This is your chance to start dealing damage in conjunction with its current elemental resistances.

You can identify resistances by looking at the colors of Hell House’s windows:

  • Red = Fire
  • Yellow = Lightning
  • Blue = Ice
  • Green = Wind

Use Aerith’s elemental spells to counter these resistances:

  • Use Ice on Fire (Red)
  • Use Wind on Lightning (Yellow)
  • Use Fire on Ice (Blue)
  • Use Lightning on Wind (Green)
Hell House Phase 2

When Hell House’s life total drops to 75%, it will activate its robotic limbs and start chasing you around. Hell House will also activate an additional energy barrier that will protect it from both physical and elemental damage.

At first, avoid Hell House’s charge attacks by moving sideways. When it activates its Jetstream attack (shooting flames of fire all around), use Ice spells in response. This will make Hell House angry, and that’s when it will activate its God House mode and its barrier.

Fortunately, the robotic limbs will not be protected, so focus all your attacks at them for now. When Hell House gets weaker, it will drop the barrier, and that’s when you hit it right in the front door using the same elemental response attacks as above.

Here are some extra tips for Phase 2:

  • Use Poison to keep dealing damage to Hell House even when the barrier is up.
  • Hell House changes elemental resistances after each Barrier Shift phase.
  • Summons are practically useless against Hell House, so don’t waste your time using them.
Hell House Phase 3

As Hell House’s life total drops below 50%, it will activate its flying ability during the final third phase, which is rather dangerous. Don’t try to hit Hell House in the air, but focus on avoiding its Chair Salvo attack that drops flaming chair bombs from the air. This attack will start a countdown.

When the countdown is over, Hell House will drop to the ground and enter its second phase once again, with the barrier and the Hospitality absorbing attack. Be ready to heal Cloud, who will most likely get absorbed more often than Aerith.

Rinse and repeat until you deplete the rest of Hell House’s health bar. 

Here are some extra tips for Phase 3:

  • Use Revival Materia to bring back to life a downed partner.
  • Use Aerith’s Limit Break Level 2 spell to make your party immune to damage for a limited period of time.
  • Use Barrier spell to further protect your party, when the immunity spell wears off.

That’s it on how to beat Hell House boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. For more Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides, check out the list below:

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