Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where to Find the Keycard in Chapter 3

Don't know where to find the keycard in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Here's how to unlock the door and fight the cerulean drake in the Abandoned Talagger Factory.

Having trouble getting the keycard to the door in the Abandoned Talagger Factory in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3?

If so, it's no big deal! We've gone through the quest "Just Flew in From the Graveyard" and done our fair share of keycard collecting already, so we'll explain just how it's done.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where to Find the Keycard in Chapter 3

The sixth and final sidequest of Chapter 3 is unlocked once you've completed the others before it, namely the one where the Junk Dealer sends you into the Abandoned Talagger Factory in the quest titled "Nuisance in the Factory."

Called "Just Flew In From the Graveyard," a local named Gwen (waiting at the gates to Sector 6, where the two Shinra guards are standing) will send you back to the Abandoned Talagger Factory to kill a cerulean drake for her.

The only problem is that this drake is hidden behind a locked door on the opposite side of the factory. She'll tell you that in order to unlock the aforementioned door, you need to "smash any boxes nearby."

She isn't joking about this. Smashing virtually any boxes inside of the Abandoned Talagger Factory zone can get you the "watch security key" to open the locked door to the cerulean drake.

Just run around and smash any of the boxes you see until you get a 'watch security key', then you can go back and unlock the door.

If you run out of boxes to smash, just keep running back and forth inside of the factory. Boxes will respawn as you move around from room to room, but so will monsters, so be careful and make sure to heal after every battle.

Published Apr. 18th 2020

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