Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Unlock Chocobos

Chocobos are not immediately available in FFXV, but they are more useful than ever! Learn how to unlock them here.

Chocobos are not immediately available in FFXV, but they are more useful than ever! Learn how to unlock them here.

Chocobos are a defining part of Final Fantasy, our beloved companions in long-distance travels. They appear in many games, and mini-games, to help us, entertain us and just make the world more adorable. This is also the case in the latest entry of the franchise, Final Fantasy XV.

There are places where you can rent chocobos to help you get through Lucis easier, since chocobos are more versatile than the Regalia and can help you traverse forests, deserts and more. However, you will notice that these renting stations aren’t active in the early game. Instead, you have to complete a quest available later in the game to be able to rent and mount chocobos.

In this guide, I will explain to you, step by step, how to unlock chocobo renting in Final Fantasy XV.

1. Reach Chapter 3

This step is pretty straight-forward. Just get to the third chapter of the story, which will open a whole new area, Duscae. You won’t be able to rent Chocobos during the first two chapters of the game, but Leide is not that big, so getting here should be no problem.

2. Go to Chocobo Post and Talk to Wiz

Upon reaching the first gas station and refueling, Prompto will suggest you visit the Chocobo Post at the south of the region. Take your car and follow the mark to reach your destination.

At the Chocobo Post, talk to Wiz, who is standing past the entrance. He will explain to you that the Chocobos are not available for renting because there is a dangerous behemoth known as Deadeye hunting them. Until someone gets rid of it, they will stay in the stables. Of course, you are the one who is going to take this monster down.

3. Complete the “A Behemoth Undertaking” Hunt

You have to accept the “A Behemoth Undertaking” hunt from Wiz to move forward. Once you do that, follow the mark by foot to enter a foggy, linear area. Follow the trail, dealing with the small groups of enemies that will be in your way. Once you reach a certain spot, you will learn why the behemoth is called Deadeye — trust us on this one.  

After that, you will have to follow the creature to its lair. Do not get too close or too far from it. A nice trick is to walk at a distance where you can only see its tail.

After finding out where the monster lives, follow the new mark. It will take you to a ruined fortress full of oil barrels. When the battle starts, you can explode these barrels with a fire spell, dealing a huge amount of damage to Deadeye. Use the rest of the barrels throughout the arena and equip fire weapons to help you kill the behemoth quicker.

Once you slay Deadeye, get back to Wiz. He will hand you a reward and you will now be able to ride Chocobos!

What do you think about the Chocobos in Final Fantasy XV? Do you like them or not? Let us know in the comment section below!

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