Fortnite: Where to Find Winterburg for the Winterfest Quest

You'll need to locate the secret Winterburg island for a Winterfest quest in Fortnite.

Character overlooking winterburg island in fortnite winterfest.
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The Fortnite Winterfest brings the cheer this holiday season. You’ll need to complete various seasonal quests and activities to gain essential battle pass XP. One challenge will ask you to land at Winterburg, but where is the mysterious Winterburg location? Find out here.

Where is Winterburg Located in Fortnite?

I always look forward to seasonal events in Fortnite, and this year’s Winterfest is no different. The questline will delight you with missions that introduce you to all that the Season has to offer. From Holiday Boxy to the Snowball Launcher, there’s plenty to discover.

Back when we were speculating about the location of Crackshot Cabin, I discovered a mysterious island covered in Christmas decor: Winterburg! The island is directly north of Lavish Lair and Classy Courts. The location is invisible on the map until you approach, so I knew this secret location had more in store for us. I marked the map below with the Winterburg location for your convenience.

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Map with Winterburg location marked in Fortnite.
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Why You Should Go to Winterburg

While you’ll need to land at the location and survive to complete the bonus 15,000 XP Winterfest quest, you’ll also discover Sgt. Winter resides on the Winterfest island this year. So, while we’ve had to chase down Sgt. Winter’s truck in previous years, you can easily find the Battle Royale Santa on Winterburg. He’ll throw giant presents in your direction when you get close. As enticing as that is, the location has become a hot drop since its purpose was finally revealed. So, arrive ready for a gunfight.

Tips for How to Complete the Winterburg Quest

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to complete the Winterburg quest to gain that precious Battle Pass XP in Fortnite Winterfest. The quest asks you to land in Winterburg, and then survive until 20 or fewer players remain. The quest might sound simple, but placing Top 20 after landing on the Christmas island can be tricky since it’s a hot drop. Here are my best tips to do so.

  • Get in and get out. After landing in Winterburg, quickly grab some loot and then use a zip line or swim to shore.
  • Since this challenge is all about survival, I recommend you play the game passively. Stay on the outskirts of the storm to avoid gunfights.
  • If you can find a vehicle, utilize it to stay on the move throughout the big island. The faster you are, the tougher the time other players will have catching up with you.
  • If you prefer to take a risk and play aggressively, land on the furthest house in Winterburg. I’ve found that this building has enough loot to get started, and there’s plenty of elevated cover to gain the advantage over opponents.

That’s how to find Winterburg in Fortnite. Looking for more guides? Be sure to check out our Fortnite guides hub here. We’ve got articles on how to get the Lamborghini and the best LEGO Fortnite villagers ranked.

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