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Best LEGO Fortnite Villagers Ranked

With so many villagers, who are the best? Check out our LEGO Fortnite Villager rankings here.

As you build and expand your main Village, you’ll get more villagers moving in. They can help you with tasks and gather resources. However, with so many options, are some better than others? In this guide, I’ll cover the best LEGO Fortnite villagers you can recruit. 

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How to Get Villagers in LEGO Fortnite

To get new villagers to move in, you’ll need to level up your village. While there are certain levels where villagers are supposed to show up, it might take a while. For instance, you’re supposed to get your second villager at Level 3, but I waited around forever, only for no one to show up. It wasn’t until I left my village to explore and scavenge that I found the wonderful Meowscles in my village when i returned. So if a new villager doesn’t appear right away, leave your village and come back after a while.

When a villager finally appears, make sure you have a spare bed for them. If you don’t, they’ll leave after five days. However, if a villager appears that you don’t want, you can wait for them to leave and see who comes next (Hopefully, it’s Meowscles). Alternatively, you can delete a bed to force an NPC to leave.

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Once you have Villagers in your settlement, you can ask them to fight enemies or gather resources by selecting “Let’s Talk Jobs” when you talk to them. After assigning them a task, wait a bit. Then, check in with them to retrieve any resources that they’ve collected. So, with 21 villagers in total, do any stand out from the rest?

How are LEGO Fortnite Villagers Different From Each Other?

Currently, there are very few differences between villagers when completing tasks. They’ll all perform tasks pretty much the same. So, the only major difference that truly matters is how they look. 

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That said, if you want a certain villager to join you, you might run into trouble. Villagers appear at random and only at certain levels, specifically Level 1, Level 3, Level 5, Level 8, and Level 10. There’s no real way to recruit a specific one. However, since they’ll leave in five days without a bed, you can just wait until the one you want shows up. 

Best LEGO Fortnite Villagers, Ranked

5. Sprocket

Although she’s a more basic villager, she was my first one, so that puts her on the list (hey, don’t question my criteria!). Her dirty overalls tell you that she’s ready to help out no matter what needs to be done, whether that be gather resources to make garden plots or helping you defeat enemies like Brutes. She’s a little rough, but she gets the job done. 

4. Beef Boss

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He has a burger for a head. Who doesn’t love a burger? Beef Boss is on the goofier side, but he’ll keep things weird, wacky, and fun. I like to talk to him with some meat in my hand just to keep him on edge.

3. Peely

A banana for all the potassium lovers out there. He’s fun and unique and will definitely bring a ton of joy to your village. I haven’t had much time to interact with him yet, but he’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

2. Brite Bomber

This pink-haired gal is spunky and eager to help out. She’s cool and enjoyable to interact with, so of course, she ranks high above the rest. Even though there’s no functional differences between villagers, Brite Bomber always does better.

1. Meowscles

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Of course, the cat is the best villager in the whole game. He’s cute, fluffy, and oddly buff. What more do you need? He’ll protect you and put in the work. As a professional cat lover, Meowscles has no other place than to be number one.

Those are the best LEGO Fortnite Villagers. Looking for more guides? Check out our dedicated hub, where you’ll find topics such as how to make bread and how to move your Village

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