You need money to get by even in Forza Horizon 5, here's how to farm credits fast.

Forza Horizon 5: How to Farm Credits Fast

You need money to get by even in Forza Horizon 5, here's how to farm credits fast.

Money makes the world go round, even in Forza Horizon 5. You’ll need loads of credits during your time with the game. Forza Horizon 5 certainly generous enough for most but if you want to build your collection of cars up quickly, you are probably going to want to farm credits for a while.

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Flip Cars in The Auction House

The Auction House is a great way to make some easy money by buying and selling cars for a profit. The key is to look up a popular car manufacturer and find the minimum buyout price for some of their cars.

In this case, Lamborghini cars work really well as they are in high demand. Ferrari cars are equally as good for buying and selling.

At the moment, the Lamborghini Urus generally sells for at least 200,000 credits whereas the LM 002 sells for 100,000. So, just start bidding on auction listings that go for much less than that and are expiring soon.

You will usually get outbid but keep raising your bid as long as it’s significantly lower than the car’s market price. Using this method, I managed to pick up an Urus for 87,000 credits and an LM 002 for 50,000.

After listing the cars in the Auction House, I was able to sell them for twice what I bought them for within 10 minutes. Just make sure to claim your credits after selling the cars as they will disappear after 60 days.

There is a small fee for selling items in the Auction House so make sure to account for that when doing this method.

Spend Your Skill Points on Perks

Using your Skill Points to buy certain perks is one of the best ways to get money without putting in any effort.

While most perks give bonuses to skill points and multipliers, some perks also award you with free credits and wheelspins. This can be repeated a bunch of times as each car has its own skill tree with a credit and wheelspin perk.

To find out how to earn Skill Points fast, you can check out our guide here.

Redeem Your Unlocked Wheelspins

If you’ve already spent a few hours playing Forza Horizon 5, you’ll almost certainly have earned some wheelspins. These give you a chance at earning new cars, accessories, and most importantly credits.

Wheelspins can be earned by leveling up and playing the game as you normally would, which makes them an easy extra source of money.

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With these methods, you should be able to farm credits and buy that shiny new car in no time. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other Forza Horizon 5 guides.

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