Goat Simulator Patch 1.1: Achievement Guide

A comprehensive achievement guide for the newest addition to Goat Simulator Patch 1.1

A comprehensive achievement guide for the newest addition to Goat Simulator Patch 1.1

Goat enthusiasts everywhere were jumping for joy when Coffee Stain Studios announced its new patch for its steam phenomenon, Goat Simulator

With hidden features, goat modifications, bizarre quests, and unlockable achievements, players could spend hours on the original map wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting citizens. 

Now, with a brand new map at the player’s disposal, there are plenty more adventures to explore. Here’s a comprehensive list of achievements for the first and second maps as of the most recent Patch 1.1:

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Goat Ville Achievements 

Alexander Goatstafsson

To the right of the spawn in the original map, through the field of tall grass, you’ll find a group of people surrounding a bloody ring with an unsuspecting goat victim located in the center. Headbutt your goat rival out of the ring 3 times to unlock this achievement. 

Angel Goat

Simply take your hand off the mouse (or alt+tab) and let your goat stand completely still for 5 minutes. Restart if you’re already Devil Goat.

Around the World on 5 Trampolines

Jump from (1) the air vents underneath the blue container dangling from the huge, yellow crane to the (2) trampoline next to the red crate on top of the construction site. Then to the (3) higher trampoline in the empty pool to the (4) lower trampoline in the empty pool. Finish the achievement by jumping to the (4) trampoline next to the fence behind the diving board, and finally to the (5) trampoline near the goat tower where you spawn. Press f to use slow motion and make the incredulous feat much easier. 

Boulder of Death

The Boulder of Death is located on the top of the hill to the left of the BBQ party, in between the pentagram and the water-slides. Use the left mouse button to headbutt the huge rock down the hill and into the people. 

Cardio kills your gains

Lick a human and drag them onto the treadmill located in the garage of the house you spawn next to (there’s a white car outside).

Devil Goat

Attack civilians by left clicking your mouse. When they are on the ground, press E to lick them, and drag them up the hill to the glowing, red pentagram located to the left of the BBQ party and water-slides. After dragging 5 bodies to the pentagram you will automatically transform into Devil Goat.

Note: Unlock the “FINALLY” achievement to spawn goats by pressing r. Goats will also work as sacrifices and ultimately make Devil Goat easier.

Dodge This

Locate the Boulder of Death that’s on top of the hill between the BBQ party and the pentagram. Lick it with E and drag it to the circular track in the grass where the hillbilly is driving a yellow car. Press E again to leave the rock on the track so the car smashes into it. 


You will see a tower with a spiral staircase right in front of your goat when you spawn. Climb up the stairs to the second door to enter the Goat Tower, run past all the bowing goats and sit on your rightful throne.

Goat of the hill

Locate the gigantic yellow crane on the left side of the map. Either climb up the ladder or use the trampoline in the construction site to get to the very top. Walk up one of the two lines leading to the very top of the crane and walk over the golden goat trophy located there. 

Goat Queen

You will see a tower with a spiral staircase right in front of your goat when you spawn. Climb up the stairs to the second door to enter the Goat Tower, run past all the bowing goats and sit on your rightful throne. 

I can’t believe that worked

When you spawn, turn around and run down the hill towards the warehouse. Headbutt the brown piece of the wall next to the red storage container to enter the warehouse. Go up the ramp to your left, turn right at the top, and go through the hole in the wall. Use the giant fans on the floor to float through the air, hold the right mouse button and press w to flip infinitely. 

Note: Press space bar before you land to land flat and be successful. 

Involuntary QA

This achievement is earned by purposely crashing your game. You can do this by pressing the TILDE key (~) to open the console, typing “beginBVT” without quotations, and then ENTER. Re-open the client to earn it. 

LOEK Master

When you spawn you’ll see a trampoline directly in front of you on the other side of the fence. Use the trampoline to jump onto the treehouse next to it, and the Sanctum 2 Walker Statue will be inside. 

Note: touching it will unlock this achievement, but you’ll need to bring it to the pentagram (on top of the hill in the corner beside the water-slides) for the “Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3” achievement. 


In the house directly next to the spawn point, up the stairs, and in the room furthest to the left there will be the Sanctum 1 Walker Statue.  

Note: touching it will unlock this achievement, but you’ll need to bring it to the pentagram (on top of the hill in the corner beside the water-slides) for the “Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3” achievement. 

Rymdskepp i Rymden

Enter the garage with the treadmill next to the spawn point. Lick the glowing, blue B(e)acon (on the table to the left) and bring it to the stick in the middle of the cleared circle in the tall grass to the right of bloody goat fighting ring. Wait until a UFO appears and jump to be abducted. 

Mattress Madness

Locate the cluster of mattresses by climbing various ladders at the construction site. Once there, press q to rag doll on top of the ~7 mattresses and bounce your way to victory. 

Maximum MLG Big Plays

Locate the bucket across the street from the gas station, next to the blue ladder at the construction site. Use e to lick it and bring it near your victim of choice. use the left mouse button to headbutt the bucket into a person. 

Mile High Club

First unlock Angel Goat (above) for a higher and longer jump. Stand on the very edge of the of the big, yellow crane, and jump towards the red and green glider when it flies by. Press e when close to lick the Hanging Glider.

SteamWorld Goat

Just like the Flappy Goat achievement, find the Coffee Stain Studios house to the left neat the pentagram and BBQ party. Go upstairs to the TV, and when Flappy Goat appears on the screen, press backspace to access a list of games.

Steamworld Goat will be an option, select it and get a depth of 200.

The Flapmaster

Enter the Coffee Stain Studios building located next to the pentagram, BBQ party, and water-slides. Go upstairs to play Flappy Goat on the flat screen TV. Press r to start the game and tap r to score 10 points. 

Note: Lower your graphics settings to increase your frame rate, and zoom in the with mouse scroll wheel to make this easier. 

Try Hard

Locate all 30 of the original golden goat trophies on the map. Use our trophy location guide if you’re stuck or need help!

Trying to bring forth sanctum 3?

Take the two Walker statues from “Pedestrian” and “LOEK Master” to the pentagram (on top of the hill in the corner beside the water-slides). The third Sanctum item is located in the blue shipping container dangling under the gigantic yellow crane.

To get to the container, you can climb to the top of the crane and drop down, use the jetpack, etc. G2 will try to push you away when you get close, but you can snag him by using e to lick him. Bring G2 to the pentagram to see your goat’s head burst into flames. 

What is its purpose?

Find the goat themed StoneHenge by walking straight back to the edge of the level when you spawn, then a little to the left. Jump into the stones to destroy the Goathenge.

Goat City Bay Achievements

A Story about my elevator

Jump into the water behind the hotel. Swim out perpendicular to the hotel until your goat reaches a long pink/brown whale. Walk over top of it while facing the hotel to be catapulted to the roof.

A Story about my goat

Next to the huge blue ramps, and across from the river, is a green, open garage. Go inside and in the left corner is a crystal from Coffee Stain Studios’ platform game A Story About My Uncle. Run into the crystal to gain the ability to grapple like Uncle Fred.

Builder Goat

To unlock Builder Goat, you have to find all 3 Minecraft grass blocks across the level.

  1. The first block is near the giant blue half-pipe to the left of where you spawn. Go through the center of the half-pipe, directly up the hill, and the block is straight ahead underneath the trees.
  2. The second is to the left of the hotel (facing away). Go down the street until you see a glowing, spinning bicycle symbol. Next to it should be a fan box blowing up, jump on it to fly onto the cliff. Go around and down the path until you’re below the cliff and you’ll see a grey block to your left.
  3. The third block is on the opposite side of the carnival than the hotel. On a grassy ledge, overlooking the blue water-slide on the side of the carnival, there will be a small brown Minecraft box. 

Colombian Sugar Lord

First, you have to locate the pink house directly to the left of where you spawn. There will be a pool in the backyard and a white car in the driveway. Enter the house and on the table in the living room will be 2 money caches and a line of “sugar” Press e to lick the sugar and run as fast as you can out of the door, down the hill, and into the water to touch the boat waiting in the marina before your “high” wears off. 


On top of the dam (located on the very top of the hill to the left, on the opposite side of the map from the carnival) you’ll find multiple clusters of gas canisters. There is a group of 10 near the middle and headbutting them should cause them to explode. Drag some canisters from a different pile to increase your chances, in case some of them fail to explode.


In between the carnival and the hotel there’s a river. Jump into the river and on the side closest to the carnival (next to the bridge) there will be a small circular drain pipe. Go inside to unlock “Disgusting.”

Don’t Panic

Use the elevator in the hotel to get to the top. Once at the roof of the hotel, jump down the back to the lower level pool. Using e lick the folded, white towel on the side of the pool and bring it to the abandoned UFO located past the blue half pipe, on the very top of the hill behind it. Look out for whales!


Locate the big blue ramps to the left of where you spawn at the bottom of the hill, and get to the top of the half pipe. Jump off the edge and backflip by holding the right mouse button and s. During your backflip, press the left mouse button to kick the large ball (or anything).


Coming Soon!

Goats ‘n’ Stuff

Enter the hotel located in between the carnival and the Hat Shop (it’s the tallest building and it’s hard to miss). Use the elevator to get to the roof which is conveniently the venue to a Deadmou5 concert. Stand on the table in the middle to get the DEADGOA7 mutation and hat. 

Hat Simulator

Buy every hat! There are 6 hats, so you need 6 money caches located sporadically around the map.

    • 2 of them are located in the house with the cocaine up the hill
    • 4 of them are located at the outside cafe around the corner from the hat shop. The money is on 4 different tables.

Take the money and dangle it on the counter in the hat shop until the lady accepts it, then grab a hat near the window. Do this for all 6!               (Thanks to MHU_3348 for this one!)

Here’s Johnny!

Across the street from the pink house containing the “sugar” for the “Colombian Sugar Lord” achievement there is a blue house with a pink car. On the other side of the blue house is a white house (the same house for the “Vegas, Baby” achievement), with an axe in the open garage. Lick the axe with e and walk a few steps for this achievement.                                                               (Thanks to arachno593 for this one!)

I freaking love goats

This achievement is unlocked after collecting every golden goat trophy in Goat City Bay. See our GameSkinny collectiblies locations guide for details!

Is that a goat?

This achievement is attained by supercharging the roller coaster and then licking it. To supercharge the coaster, you must locate all 6 batteries. See our GameSkinny battery locations guide for details!

Ling Ling into battle go

Go inside the drain pipe required for the achievement “Disgusting.” Once inside the sewers, go into the first hallway on you left and you’ll meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kick their turtly asses for this achievement. 


Spawn with the “Repulsive Goat” Modification on. This is unlocked by the “Disgusting” achievement located above. Immediately buy a Fedora and activate your repulsiveness by pressing r.

One Ball

Go to the bike rack on the side of the brown building with the red and white “Club Styu Man” sign (right next to the big, blue half pipe). Press r to ride a bike that’s sitting on the rack. Move the bike backward, then forward to lodge the front wheel on top of the rack. Ride the bike against the wall until the achievement pops up. 

Powerhoof SMASH

Press e to drag a civilian to the parking lot in front of the carnival. Drop him/her in front of a parked car. Turn so the person is behind your goat, hold s and press the left mouse button to kick your victim into a car.

Stand by for Goatfall

This achievement is unlocked by completing all wallrun quests. Goats can now perform a Wall Run by sprinting towards a wall (holding w and shift) and jumping towards it (space bar).

The quests to complete are Wall Run Easy, Wall Run Normal, and Wall Run Hard.

The Mage’s Favorite

Burn someone from afar by kicking or headbutting a grill at a civilian. There’s a grill on the beach near the roller coaster or in the alleyway across from the hotel. (Thanks to John Smith_7751 for this one!)

The Savage

Climb to the top of the middle wind turbine to find the wind statue. The wind turbines are white and located to the right of the hotels in the hills. After licking the wind statue, bring it to the altar directly behind the big, blue half-pipe. Follow the path to the left of the half-pipe to the wind altar. 

Tony Goat

Earn this achievement by completing all the manual quests:

  1. Manual Points Easy – Walk backwards using the w key and quickly let go and press w to begin a “Manual.” Stay balanced with w and s by keep the line between the orange bars to score 1000 points or more. 
  2. Score 2000+ points doing a Manual
  3. Score 3000+ points doing a Manual
  4. Manual 3 times in a combo


For this achievement you’ll need to get a civilian to ride on your back. Find the carnival and behind the roller coaster you’ll find a mechanical bull. Knock it over to get someone to ride you instead and take them to the top of the dam located to the direct left of where you spawn. Jump inside the catapult.

Vegas, baby

Locate the white house halfway up the hill in the cluster of houses to the right of the hotel (facing it). The house has a greenhouse and a trampoline in the side yard. Enter the house through the open front door (facing away from the ocean) and go up the stairs to the first pink room to your right. On the right end table you’ll see a pot with “jack,” written on it. Lick with e to earn the jackpot! (thanks to WatchTheTime for this one!)

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