God of War Odin’s Ravens: Where to Find All Raven Locations

There are 51 squawking green ravens to slay in God of War for the Allfather Blinded trophy/achievement. Here are all of their locations.

There are 51 squawking green ravens to slay in God of War for the Allfather Blinded trophy/achievement. Here are all of their locations.

There are tons of collectibles in God of War, but perhaps the most vexing are Odin’s Ravens, squawking green birds found around Midgard on hidden perches. When you manage to kill one, a new labor called The Eyes of Odin is unlocked, which tasks you with killing all of Odin’s Ravens so the Allfather can’t keep an eye on you.

There’s a whopping 51 of them across God of War, and when you finally get the last little bugger, you’ll unlock the Allfather Blinded trophy/achievement. We’ve listed all of their locations in the guide below.

Keep an ear out while playing because the ravens make a distinctive bird call whenever you are close to one of these hidden collectibles! Because some areas are inaccessible until you gain new equipment or abilities and will require you to backtrack, you won’t be able to grab all of them from beginning to end in this specific order.

If you don’t continuously backtrack and end up missing some Ravens, however, you can go back and grab them in order after completing the game. They are numbered here for easier tracking.

Use the links below to jump to a specific location:

All Odin’s Ravens Locations in God of War

River Pass Raven Locations

  • 1 — The very first Raven can’t be acquired until much later, when you gain access to the hidden chamber of Odin to the right of the Witch’s Wood. The bird is flying around in the air and will perch on the pillar.
  • 2 — Right before the bridge where you meet Brok, be on the lookout for the first one you can actually get during the story. It’s sitting on some rocks up above.
  • 3 — After battling the second troll, look for a Raven on top of the giant rib cage.
  • 4 — After defeating the ogre, head into the stone tunnel (past the circular door), and you should hear the bird but probably won’t be able to see it. They’re sitting on top of the stone stack and are incredibly hard to see.
  • 5 — Head to the end of the River Pass Trail to find a destroyed village and see a collectible on the rooftop of the house on your right side.
  • 6 — Find the platform in the Witch’s Wood where the Nornir Chest is located to grab the next of Odin’s Ravens on some rocks.

The impossible-to-see fourth axe throw location
(thanks to PS4Trophies for the screenshot)

Foothills Locations

  • 7 — This Raven is in this area’s hidden chamber at the edge of the water on the south side of the map. Look above the archway near the mystic gate.
  • 8 — After taking the elevator to the base of the mountain, check the area just behind and above to find this one.

The Mountain Locations

  • 9 — Take the door to the right of the big stag statue, and follow the trail to the spinning rune to find this collectible beneath the bridge.
  • 10 — In the area near the bottom of the mountain with the elevator, head through the tunnel to the left to find this Raven flying around in the air. 
  • 11 — Climb up the platform with the gold chain in the section with the giant block to find another of Odin’s Ravens hiding in the wooded area.
  • 12 — Inside this area’s hidden chamber, find the Raven sitting on the wall to your left.

Shores of the Nine Locations

  • 13 — There’s only one avian collectible here at the top of the Niflheim Realm Tower. It’s found on a boat over on the right side.

Lookout Tower Locations

  • 14 — Starting from the dock area, climb up the cliffs to the top platform to find a Raven flying around in the air above you.

Lookout Tower

Cliffs of the Raven Locations

  • 15 — Go up the gold chain after the dead giant, and turn around to look towards the lake; you should see a Raven on the rocky area.

Volunder Mines Locations

  • 16 — At the dock area, go up to the mystic gateway platform and look up into the sky to see another flying Raven.

Buri’s Storeroom Locations

  • 17 — Although it’s in Buri’s Storeroom, this flying collectible can be hit from Stone Falls. Near the top of the Stone Falls area, turn the wheel and go through the gate to head toward the lake. You should see it on the column above, sometimes flying in circles.

Veithurgard Locations

  • 18 — Look behind the left-hand wood piece set in the stone near the dragon to find this Raven.
  • 19 — Push aside the lore marker to the left of the big gate to find a bird waiting on the left side.
  • 20 — Head to the island with the statue to find this Raven flying.

Stone Falls Locations

  • 21 — Go across the bridge by the mystic gate, then, by the wheel crank, turn towards the cliffs to see a Raven up above.

Council of Valkyries Locations

  • 22 — At the entrance of the Council of Valkyries, look above at the giant wooden boat on the right. If you can’t hit the Raven from there, try re-positioning and aiming from the tower in Alfheim instead.

Council of Valkyries

Thamur’s Corpse Locations

  • 23 — Check the edge of the building in front of this area’s mystic gateway for this Raven.
  • 24 — In the central section of this area’s hidden chamber, you can find a Raven in the trees.

Northri Stronghold Locations

  • 25 — Land at the dock by Sindri’s and then turn around to see the collectible in the air.
  • 26 — Look to the left of the ship to find a Raven hiding in the watergate.

Konunsgard Locations

  • 27 — After the shop in Konunsgard, head down the left path and beyond the poison mist to find a Raven on the rocks behind the red chest.
  • 28 — Following the sealed doors, drop down the bridge. You should see a Raven on the rocks towards the right.
  • 29 — After freeing the dragon, you will see a Raven that was hiding underneath the beast.
  • 30 — Inside the fortress (using the dwarven favor), go right and then turn left at the shrine. Above the red chest is another bird.
  • 31 — Take the right-hand path at the section where the dragon was tethered, and look in the rocks above the platform to find a bird hiding in the mist.

Finding a Konunsgard raven hiding the rocks

Forgotten Caverns Locations

  • 32 — From the dock near the entrance to King’s Hollow, head into the Forgotten Caverns, and go up the wall. Turn around, and look down and towards the right to see another collectible.
  • 33 — In the Nornir Chest area, another Raven is sitting on top of a wood column.

Fafnir’s Storeroom Locations

  • 34 — Past the mystic gate, look up into the open air to see this one.
  • 35 — In the more open area with a pond, look up to see a Raven sitting on a tree branch.
  • 36 — Directly above the entrance to the storeroom is a bird.
  • 37 — When you get inside the storeroom itself, look above the platform where you have to set the stones to see the next one.
  • 38 — When traveling back to the boat, you will see the final Raven of this area up in the wood section.

Landsuther Mines Locations

  • 39 — When you pass through the tight area by the entrance, climb up the wall to see a collectible on the wood building.
  • 40 — Go through the tunnel from the water area and kill the enemies there to find a bird up and towards the right.

Isle Of Death Locations

  • 41 — At the western beach, look for a chest and then turn around to see this area’s only Raven between the two cliffs.

Iron Cove Locations

  • 42 — Go to the left dock from the shore and travel up the platforms. Go up the boat wreckage to your right, and then turn left to find another Raven flying in the air.

Iron Cove Location

Wildwoods Locations

  • 43 — This Raven is inside the hidden chamber and is flying up in the air by the trees.

Alfheim Locations

  • 44 — At the dock by the Light Elf Sanctuary, look to the left of the marble statue to find this one.
  • 45 — When you enter the Valkyrie section of the hidden chamber, look to the left to find another Raven.

Helheim Raven Locations

  • 46 — When traveling across a long bridge, you will see a gold circle above you. Check the inside of the ring to find a collectible.
  • 47 — Before the giant doors, travel up the first platform in the central area and head right; destroy a barrier to find a Raven near the chest.
  • 48 — Head back to the previous area, and go up the second platform in the central section and go left. Destroy the barrier and you should see a Raven near the hidden chamber.
  • 49 — Go inside the hidden chamber, but don’t head to the central area like in the others. Instead, go towards the top and check the section by the window to find the Raven.
  • 50 — At the bottom area with the glowing statues, go down the platform, and then climb up a wall. You should see a Raven to the left of the tunnel entrance.
  • 51 — In the same area with the platform, you should see a bird circling low and to the right.

Hitting the raven inside the gold circle in Helheim

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Whew! Those are all of the locations for Odin’s Ravens in God of War. That was quite the journey to get the Allfather Blinded trophy/achievement! Still need help finding the rest of the collectibles or items? Check out our other God Of War guides right here.

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