Looking for Grub Hide in Grounded? Here's how to find grub hide and what you can craft with it.

Grounded Grub Hide Guide

Looking for Grub Hide in Grounded? Here's how to find grub hide and what you can craft with it.
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Grub Hide isn’t needed early on in Grounded, but after a few hours, Grub Armor may be a necessity. For that, you’ll need lots of Grub Hides. 

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If you’re stumped on how to find them, this guide will show you several of their locations, which are numerous compared to some other desirable items, like thistles.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting Grub Hides in Obsidian’s newest survival game.

How to Get Grub Hide in Grounded

You’ll need the shovel to get Grub Hide, but you’ll need the Pebble Hammer to get the shovel. Build that first. Once you have the Pebble Hammer, you’ll need to complete the Acorn Shovel recipe. That includes:

  • 2x Sprig
  • 1x Woven Fiber
  • 1x Acorn Shell

It’s the Acorn Shell that you’ll need the hammer for, as nothing else can crack that nut. You can find acorns around the base of the massive oak tree in the backyard. You can’t miss it, and you’ve likely been there already. The acorn will split into Acorn Top (for collecting sap) and Acorn Shell. You’ll need the shell for the next step. 

Now you can craft the Acorn Shovel. It’s of little use in most parts of the game, but watch the dirt for scurrying little critters moving under the ground, like in Tremors. Those are the Grubs.

Dig where you see the dirt moving to reveal a Grub. Once it’s out of the ground, you’ll have to kill it. Unlike most of the backyard’s residents, though, Grubs aren’t so tough. In fact, they appear not to even fight back at all.

Once it’s defeated, you’ll have several parts to pick through, including the Grub Hide you’re after. Hooray! Now you’re almost done.

Like any new element or crafting material you find, you should bring the Grub Hide to a nearby research station. Scanning it with the analyzer will reveal new blueprints for which the Grub Hide is needed, including the elusive Grub Armor set, which includes:

  • Grub Leggings
  • Grub Vest
  • Grub Goggles

That’s all you need to know about finding Grub Hide in Grounded. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out out other Grounded guides while you’re here! 

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