Guess The 90’s! Answer Guide for Levels 41 Through 50

An answer guide for levels 41 to 50 for Guess The 90's.

An answer guide for levels 41 to 50 for Guess The 90's.

If you’re hungry for more trivia, Guess The 90’s has updated and it’s packed with a ton of new questions for you to mull over! As with the previous 400 questions posed in the game’s previous 40 levels, several of those found in the new levels can be quite difficult.

Random Logic also changed a few of the previous Guess The 90’s levels. If you noticed some duplicates before, they are now gone. Some pictures were also changed, and as such this guide (and the one for levels 51 to 60) include no images.

If you have having a tough time figuring out a particular stage, you can click on these links to be taken down to the level giving you trouble.

Level 41 ~ Level 42 ~ Level 43 ~ Level 44 ~ Level 45 ~ Level 46 ~ Level 47 ~ Level 48 ~ Level 49 ~ Level 50

If you are looking for the answers to some higher levels, you can find them in these links.

Level 41 Answers

 Level 41 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 41-1 Music Everclear
Level 41-2 Actress Candice Bergen
Level 41-3 Character Jen Lindley
Level 41-4 Movies A Time to Kill
Level 41-5 Music Celine Dion
Level 41-6 Music LL Cool J
Level 41-7 Music 311
Level 41-8 Music R E M
Level 41-9 Video Games Resident Evil
Level 41-10 Actress Jenny Mccarthy


Level 42 Answers

 Level 42 Stages Category  Answer
Level 42-1 Music Sheryl Crow
Level 42-2 Famous People Mother Teresa
Level 42-3 Video Games StarCraft
Level 42-4 Movies Total Recall
Level 42-5 Music Sugar Ray
Level 42-6 Vice President Al Gore
Level 42-7 Music Brandy
Level 42-8 Music Christina Aguilera
Level 42-9 Video Games Warcraft
 Level 42-10 Movies Waynes World


Level 43 Answers

 Level 43 Stages Category  Answer
Level 43-1 Automotive Hummer H1
Level 43-2 TV Shows Unsolved Mysteries
Level 43-3 TV Shows The Nanny
Level 43-4 Music Sir Mix A Lot
Level 43-5 Toys Namco Guncon
Level 43-6 Movies The Bodyguard
Level 43-7 Music Fiona Apple
Level 43-8 TV Shows Sopranos
Level 43-9 Food & Drinks Teddy Grahams
Level 43-10 Video Games System Shock


Level 44 Answers

 Level 44 Stages Category  Answer
Level 44-1 Actor Cuba Gooding Jr
Level 44-2 Actor Val Kilmer
Level 44-3 TV Shows Cheers
Level 44-4 Music Blues Traveler
Level 44-5 New Technology HTML
Level 44-6 Music Eric Clapton
Level 44-7 Athlete Albert Belle
Level 44-8 Actor Mel Gibson
Level 44-9 Music Inner Circle
Level 44-10 Actress Susan Sarandon


Level 45 Answers

 Level 45 Stages Category  Answer
Level 45-1 Music Sarah Mclachlan
Level 45-2 Actress Lisa Kudrow
Level 45-3 Music Immature
Level 45-4 Movies American Beauty
Level 45-5 Magazine Word Up
Level 45-6 Video Games Descent
Level 45-7 TV Shows ER
Level 45-8 Character Dylan Mckay
Level 45-9 Famous People Ellen Degeneres
Level 45-10 Music Real McCoy


Level 46 Answers

 Level 46 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 46-1 Computer AIM
Level 46-2 Movies Ghost
Level 46-3 TV Shows Judge Judy
Level 46-4 Movies Casino
Level 46-5 Movies Beauty and the Beast
Level 46-6 Actor David Spade
Level 46-7 Movies Sleepy Hollow
Level 46-8 Character Pacey Whitter
Level 46-9 Character Yoshi
Level 46-10 Athlete Terrell Davis


Level 47 Answers

 Level 47 Stages Category  Answer
Level 47-1 Music Everlast
Level 47-2 Music Usher
Level 47-3 TV Shows The Practice
Level 47-4 Music STP
Level 47-5 Music Lisa Loeb
Level 47-6 Music Erykah Badu
Level 47-7 Athlete Frank Thomas
Level 47-8 Movies Silence of The Lambs
Level 47-9 Music Extreme
 Level 47-10 Video Games Snake


Level 48 Answers

 Level 48 Stages Category  Answer
Level 48-1 Music Johnny Gill
Level 48-2 Actress Angelina Jolie
Level 48-3 Actor Brad Pitt
Level 48-4 Video Games Dr Mario
Level 48-5 Music Dr Dre
Level 48-6 Music Jewel
Level 48-7 Character Joey Potter
Level 48-8 Music Billy Joel
Level 48-9 Music Monica
Level 48-10 Movies Armageddon


Level 49 Answers

 Level 49 Stages Category  Answer
Level 49-1 Movies The Truman Show
Level 49-2 Music Aerosmith
Level 49-3 Toys Sega Game Gear
Level 49-4 Famous People Unabomber
Level 49-5 Music Leann Rimes
Level 49-6 Actress Helen Hunt
Level 49-7 Science Hale Bopp Comet
Level 49-8 Toys Clueless Phone
Level 49-9 Music Wilson Phillips
Level 49-10 TV Shows Twin Peaks


Level 50 Answers

 Level 50 Stages Category  Answer
Level 50-1 Music MC Hammer
Level 50-2 New Technology Garmin GPS
Level 50-3 Character Kelly Taylor
Level 50-4 Music Aaliyah
Level 50-5 Video Games Super Metroid
Level 50-6 Music Jamiroquai
Level 50-7 Music Boyz II Men
Level 50-8 Movies Rush Hour
Level 50-9 Famous People Brian Setzer
Level 50-10 Music The Rembrandts

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