Guess The Song Answers: 70’s Hits

Answers to the 70's Hits for when you get stuck!

Answers to the 70's Hits for when you get stuck!
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From the developers Ketchapp, who are a major player in the mobile games market. They bring us another great puzzler game to join the likes of Amazing Ninja, Stack, and 2048. Guess the Song gives you a set of four images and a set of letters to choose from. The goal is to guess which song the pictures represent.

The 70’s was a great time, although a little before my time, there is no doubting that this decade had some of the best music.

Answers to 70’s Hits Category
  1. Dancing Queen
  2. The Chain
  3. Free
  4. Disco Lady
  5. Free Ride
  6. Tush
  7. Yellow River
  8. Traffic Jam
  9. Shining Star
  10. Rocket Man
  11. Iron Man
  12. London Calling
  13. Car Wash
  14. Paranoid
  15. Black Dog
  16. Street Life
  17. Shame
  18. Rasputin
  19. Disco Inferno
  20. Love Hangover
  21. Ladies Night
  22. American Pie
  23. Macho Man
  24. Cuba
  25. Money
  26. Piano Man
  27. Heroes
  28. War
  29. Brick House
  30. Love Train

Guess the Song Answers: Rock

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