Find out how to beat every boss in Gunfire Reborn, including four main and three alternate bosses.

Gunfire Reborn: How to Beat Every Boss

Find out how to beat every boss in Gunfire Reborn, including four main and three alternate bosses.

There are four main and three alternate bosses in Gunfire Reborn, making a total of seven. You can still complete the game by defeating only the four main bosses, but you may also find enjoyment in defeating the other three, although the rewards aren’t as good, and sometimes totally absent.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how to beat every boss in Gunfire Reborn. You will learn about all their weakest spots, which weapons to bring to the fights, and how to avoid damage yourself.

How to Beat Every Boss in Gunfire Reborn

How to Beat Lu Wu

The very first boss that players meet is Lu Wu, who can be found inside the Eternal Palace at Longling Tomb.

Lu Wu is weak to Lightning damage, and his weakest spot is his head. But he will summon Horned Beetles and Bombers to assist him, so prepare for them as well.

The best chance to get in as much damage as possible is when Lu Wu recharges his shields. Use these opportunities to shoot at him, and then cover up behind the pillars.

Lu Wu Rewards

  • Illusion
  • Reinforced Eggshell
  • Advanced Depot
  • Phantom Skin

How to Beat Golem

Golem is an optional boss at the Longling Tomb. He can be unlocked after defeating Lu Wu 5 times.

Golem is weak to Fire damage, and his weakest spot is his chest. He also doesn’t move the entire fight, so use long ranged weapons and stay as far away from him as possible.

The best way to defeat Golem is to shoot at his chest when he is about to attack, as that’s when he is most vulnerable.

Golem Rewards

  • Energy Storage
  • Icy Spear

How to Beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring

This boss can be encountered at the Quicksand Pool in the Anxi Desert.

Ichthyosaurus Offspring is weak to Explosion and Corrosion types of damage. His two weakest spots are his mouth and tail.

Just like Golem, he stays in the same spot, so bring some long range weapons for this fight. He will also summon Desert Boars, Desert Coyotes, and Fire Lizards to assist him.

You will have to bring down his armor first, using Corrosion weapon, and then shoot his tail with shotgun or any other ranged weapon with high damage.

Ichthyosaurus Offspring Rewards

  • Justice
  • Coin Shot
  • Lightless Shield
  • Merciless Strike

How to Beat Wind God

In the similar fashion to Golem, this alternate boss can be summoned after you manage to defeat Ichthyosaurus Offspring five times.

Although Wind God is extremely mobile in the air, he is still very vulnerable to Fire damage, with his weakest spot being his face. You can use any weapon with fast fire projectiles, such as Crimson Firescale or Demonlore.

Wind God doesn’t carry any armor, so this can be a really short fight, if you manage to hit his weak spot precisely.

How to Beat Yoruhime-Maru

The next main boss appears at Dinghai Bay in Duo Fjord.

The two best weapons you can bring to this fight are Rainbow and Dragonchaser.

Before dealing with the boss himself, you must first destroy all eight cannons on the ship he arrives at. After destroying the first four cannons, the boss will bring up the water shield, so you need to follow these steps precisely:

  1. Wait for the Octopus to appear, carrying a cannon shell
  2. Kill the Octopus
  3. Pick up his cannon and run to the middle of the arena
  4. Fire a shell from the cannon to bring down the water shield

Once you destroy the remaining four cannons on his ship, the scenario with Octopus will repeat again.

When all cannons are destroyed, a single huge cannon in the shape of Tengu mask will appear. You need to shoot at its eyes, one eye at a time. As soon as one of the eyes is destroyed, the scenario with the water shield and Octopus will repeat the third time.

Once you destroy the remaining eye of the mask, the fight is over.

Yoruhime-Maru Rewards

  • Laser Gloves
  • Skateboarder
  • Shrine of Recovery
  • Heavy Shield
  • Airbag

How to Beat Abyssal Serpent

This is the third alternate boss in Gunfire Reborn, who appears after you defeat Yoruhime-Maru three times.

This boss is actually four sea serpents that all share the same HP pool. But they also have the same weak spots, which are eyes and golden scales.

Bring the strongest Fire weapons you have and try to shoot them in their weak spots. All other parts of their bodies are well protected, and once they go underwater, they become immune to all damage.

So stay on top, shoot their eyes and scales, and soon they’ll be gone.

Abyssal Serpent Rewards

  • Sucker Punch

How to Beat Pole Monarch

The final and strongest boss in the game can be encountered at the Jade Summit in Hyperborean Jokul.

Pole Monarch has no shields and is primarily weak to Fire damage in the first half of the fight, but you will need to destroy the aura container in order to prevent him from gaining enchancements.

Once his HP drops to 5%, Pole Monarch will gain a shield and become invincible. You will have only 10 seconds to remove the shield, using Lightning weapons, and defeat him, or else the new phase of the fight will begin.

This final phase of the fight makes the boss even stronger with all possible enhancements, and a barrage of rocks falling down. You will need to be extremely mobile and careful in order to dodge both rocks and Pole Monarch’s attacks.

Use Demonlore with Advanced Depot scroll to get the most out of your fire weapon, while shooting at his head, and soon this boss should be down like the rest of them.

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