Gunfire Reborn: What's the Difference Between Lucky Shot and Critical Hit?

Wondering what a Lucky Shot is in Gunfire Reborn? Here's everything you need to know, and then some.

What's the difference between a Lucky Shot and a Critical Hit in Gunfire Reborn? If you've been playing Duoyi Games' FPS, you've likely experienced both damage modifiers, but it may not be clear how you triggered each one.

Lucky Shot and Critical Hit seem similar on the surface, in that they both induce bonus damage on your enemies, but the two are actually very different in terms of how they are triggered and how much damage they inflict. In this Gunfire Reborn guide, we'll break those differences down.

What are Lucky Shots and Critical Hits in Gunfire Reborn?

A Lucky Shot is a completely random occurrence in Gunfire Reborn, which imposes varying degrees of damage on your enemies. There is no guaranteed way to trigger a Lucky Shot (as the name implies). It is entirely luck-based. The rate of these attacks can be increased by increasing your Lucky Shot Chance, and will eventually become guaranteed once that chance is high enough.

Critical Hits are triggered upon striking weak points on your enemies, where the size of the damage boost is dependent on the CritX factor of the weapon. Contrary to this, Lucky Shot damage boosts are entirely random and can actually impose substantially larger damage boosts than Critical Hits.

There are three different kinds of Lucky Shots: Red, Orange, and Purple.

  • Red: 2x damage boosts
  • Orange: 3x damage boosts
  • Purple: 4x damage boosts

If you happen to pair a Critical Hit with a Lucky Shot by chance, the 2x multiplier from the Critical Hit will stack with Lucky Shot, resulting in upwards of 8x damage boosts.

How to Increase Your Lucky Shot Chance

The base Lucky Shot Chance rate is 0%, meaning it is impossible to ever experience land one by default, but your chance can be increased with Ascensions, Scrolls, Inscriptions, and Talents. For each 100% you get added to your base Lucky Shot Chance, the next most powerful degree of the attack becomes guaranteed. As you add more to your chance, that probability is shifted to the next highest damage boost.

Here's an example:

If you have a 100% Lucky Shot Chance, you will be guaranteed to land a 2x damage boost on every shot. If you then boost that chance by an additional 40%, it will shift your total chance to a 60% chance of 2x damage boost and a 40% chance of 3x damage boost. Once you reach 200%, it's guaranteed that you get a 3x boost, and the following percentage points will shift towards 4x boosts.

So how do you get these percentage boosts? There are plenty of ways.

Character-Specific Ascensions

Character-specific Ascensions, such as Lei Luo's Thunderbolt Converter or Qing Yan's Hail of Bullets can grant large chance boosts. These Ascensions give boosts by default and can be leveled up throughout your run. 

Occult Scrolls

Occult Scrolls can also provide large chance boosts, though you start with 0 to begin each run. They can be found in Vaults, purchased from Peddlers, obtained from Elite or Boss loot, or won in Challenge Events. There are plenty of Occult Scrolls you can possibly attain, including 12 that affect your Lucky Shot Chance:

  • Berserk Soul: +0.5% per 1% health lost.
  • Bullet Light: +25%, but uses additional ammo when Lucky Shots don't occur.
  • Casual Gunsmanship: +20%, but decreases damage by 20% when Lucky Shots don't occur.
  • Coin Shot: +30%, but consumes Copper when Lucky Shots don't occur.
  • Elemental Torment: +20% against enemies with elemental effects.
  • Fast-Loader: +30% every time you swap weapons, then decreases over 3 seconds.
  • Good and Evil: +15% if you aren't carrying a cursed scroll.
  • Lone Ranger: +25% when far from enemies.
  • Merciless Strike: +50% on a critical hit, but -50% on a regular hit.
  • Ninja's Discipline: +5% every second, up to a maximum of +50%, but the odds reset every time you land a Lucky Shot.
  • Reasonable Luck: +80%, but prevents your total Lucky Shot Chance from exceeding 150%.
  • Speedy Pursuit: +50% for a short period after you dash.


Inscriptions are random weapon modifiers, and there are countless Inscription types that increase chance. There are four levels of Inscriptions:

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Exclusive
  • Gemini

The higher levels have better and better modifiers. The best chance increases come from Exclusive and Gemini modifiers; however, these types of Inscriptions require the Exclusive Inscription and Gemini Inscription Talents respectively. Save up some Soul Essence to buy these, you won't regret it.


Finally, Talents can be purchased with Soul Essence to increase your luck. The Assaulter Talent will increase your Lucky Shot chance by +40% when using Injectors, while the Unexpected Luck Talent will increase it by 25% generally.

That is absolutely everything you need to know about Lucky Shots in Gunfire Reborn, the difference between them and critical hits, and how to increases your chances of proccing them. If you're interested in learning more about Gunfire Reborn, consider checking out our other articles in the guides hub!


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Published Jan. 5th 2022

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