Honkai Star Rail Echo of War: Cocolia End of the Eternal Freeze Guide

Here's how to beat one of the toughest Honkai Star Rail bosses all over again in the Cocolia Echo of War fight.

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Honkai Star Rail Echo of War’s Cocolia is one of two memorable boss fights in the current Trailblazer missions, and each represents the climax of a particular story arc. Whether you want to relive the battle or you’re just looking for exclusive rewards, the Echo of War challenges are well worth your time. Our guide will go over what’s needed to defeat the Cocolia Echo of War End of the Eternal Freeze challenge in HSR.

How to Unlock and Find Echo of War: End of the Eternal Freeze in Honkai Star Rail

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Just like the Doomsday Beast Echo of War, this Cocolia Echo of War becomes available near the end of the Jarilo-VI arc. More specifically, you’ll need to have beaten Cocolia herself in the story and completed the In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp trailblaze mission to unlock them. It can then be found in the Everwinter Hill area and is called Echo of War: End of the Eternal Freeze.

How to Beat the HSR Cocolia Echo of War

The Cocolia Echo of War only incorporates the final fight against her transformed state, where she’s called Cocolia, Mother of Deception. That means your entire focus will be on her, except for when she summons two Lances of Eternal Freeze during the first phase.

Compared to the Doomsday Beast boss, she hits a whole lot harder and gives you less time to take a breather. Something to assist you is the large Engine of Creation. Not unlike the Path Resonance mechanics in the Simulated Universe, it builds up energy as you inflict damage or use skills. Activate it to trigger a powerful attack that can deal damage and get you out of some sticky situations.

Best Team for Cocolia in End of the Eternal Freeze

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Cocolia in End of the Eternal Freeze is weak against Fire, Lightning, and Quantum types. The two lances she summons have the same weaknesses, albeit sharing fire and splitting the other two.

That means you can employ a similar fire-based team as you would in the Doomsday Echo of War. Bringing in a Support character like Himeko can round out such a team quite nicely, although her Victory Rush talent won’t have many chances to activate. If you’re looking for something more diverse, a high-level Seele can make a huge difference.

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I still recommend that you make use of support characters for free teams. For those using a complete team of Honkai Star Rail free characters, I found a lot of repeated success from the following:

  • Trailblazer (Preservation)
  • Natasha
  • Serval
  • Qingque

You’ll be set as long as you have a strong fire character(s) and a healer. Either Serval or Qingque can also be subbed out for Asta, who can help buff the rest of the team and use her Meteor Storm skill to melt Cocolia’s toughness. 

Cocolia Echo Fight: Phase 1 Tips
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For the most part, the Cocolia Echo of War only uses single-target attacks. In this first phase, they’re all ice-based. Something to look out for is her Harbinger of Annihilation ability, which has her lock onto a target. Once her next turn is up, she’ll use a powerful attack that has a good chance to apply a Frozen debuff. If she happens to target a healer or someone with less than ideal health, have the Trailblazer (Preservation) use their skill to taunt and take the attack instead.

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What makes this phase complicated is when she summons two Lances of the Eternal Freeze. These prevent her toughness from being depleted, and they both use AoE attacks that hurt the entire team. Activate the Engine of Creation if possible, as it can nearly, if not completely, destroy the lances and inflict damage to Cocolia. Otherwise, use whatever skills or ultimates you have to get rid of them.

Return focus to the boss when the lances are gone, and you’ll trigger a weakness break in no time. Use this time to heal anyone who needs it, but otherwise, you should keep the heat on. Taking her down to 0% health will immediately trigger the second phase.

Cocolia Echo Fight: Phase 2 Strats
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You won’t have to deal with the lances or worry about being frozen anymore in the second phase, but the Cocolia Echo of War will be inflicting a ton of Imaginary damage. Her standard attack is called Genesis Chord, and it deals damage to one target with a strong likelihood of applying an Imprisonment debuff as well.

In the unfortunate case that Natasha has low HP and you’re worried about her being Impaired, use the Trailblazer (Preservation) skill to taunt Cocolia and tank this attack. A debuffed healer can ruin everything.

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Cocolia’s only other action is The Creation’s Prelude, which is a charging ability that leads to the powerful Last Choir of Genesis attack on her next turn. Use everyone’s strongest attacks or damage-dealing ultimates to break her toughness. This is the most opportune time to activate the Engine of Creation as well. If you’re unable to prevent the attack, make sure to use Natasha’s ultimate to heal up the team after it hits everyone.

The second phase is pretty straightforward, as you only need to keep the offense going and heal whenever necessary. Keep the above in mind, and you’ll beat her just as easily as you did in the story.

Echo of War End of the Eternal Freeze Rewards

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Echo of War rewards can only be redeemed three times a week and at the cost of 30 Trailblaze Power. Along with the possibility of dropping special light cones, each one also offers Trailblaze EXP, Lucent Afterglow, and relics. The unique drop for End of the Eternal Freeze is a level-up material for Traces called Guardian’s Lament.

That’s everything there is to know about the Echo of War Cocolia battle in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will remain relevant no matter which difficulty you fight her on, so don’t worry about trying harder ones after raising the equilibrium level. Any other questions you might have can be answered by our collection of Honkai Star Rail guides.

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