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Honkai Star Rail: How to Get All Free Characters

These are the free characters everyone can unlock in Honkai Star Rail. Here's how to get them.

Like most gacha games, Honkai Star Rail has a majority of its character roster locked behind Banners, or Warps as they’re called here. That means you’ll have to pull them and hope the odds are in your favor to get the character you want. Thankfully, you can put together a couple of teams’ worth without needing to test your luck. We explain how to get all free characters in Honkai Star Rail.

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How to Get All Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail

How to Get The Trailblazer

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The Trailblazer is the preeminent free character and protagonist that the story revolves around. You don’t have to use this character and are free to swap them with anyone else you unlock, but they’ll still pop in for any dialogue moments as well as any cutscenes. Their type is Physical, and their path is Destruction, but you’ll later unlock the ability to switch to a Fire Preservation type.

They’re unlocked right after the combat tutorial. You’ll have to make a choice between two versions as well as provide a name for them. They’re canonically named Stelle and Caelus, but you’re free to name them as you’d like. If you’re curious about which one to choose, we can help with this selection guide.

How to Get March 7th

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March 7th is a member of the Astral Express, and if you’ve seen any marketing for Honkai Star Rail at all, you’re sure to recognize her. She’s a free support character who can use her bow to freeze enemies. Her type is Ice, and her path is Preservation

It’s impossible to miss her since she’s introduced very soon after the Trailblazer is. The latter doesn’t even get a chance to fight without her, so they effectively become playable at the same time.

How to Get Dan Heng

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Another member of the Astral Express that you’ll meet early on is Dan Heng. Unlike the previous two characters, all of his attacks are single-target only. His type is Wind, and his path is The Hunt.

Although Dan Heng is introduced along with March 7th, he doesn’t join the party just yet. You’ll need to go through a few battles as you walk through the Herta Space Station. Once you encounter a non-functioning elevator, he’ll appear and join the party.

How to Get Asta

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Coming in a little bit later is Asta, the lead astronomy researcher who manages the Herta Space Station. She’s a support who buffs allies. Her type is Fire, and her path is Harmony.

This is another free character you can’t miss since soon after meeting her, you’ll be thrown into a tutorial for the Warps gacha system. You’ll need to try out one, and she’s the guaranteed pull.

How to Get Serval

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The next free character is Serval, who could possibly be a limited-time offer. She uses electric attacks to hit multiple enemies at once. Her type is Lightning, and her path is Erudition.

Serval is a character that’s free to claim from a message in your mailbox, along with other rewards from the pre-registration campaign, HSR codes, and Twitch Drops. Although an end date has not been provided for these rewards, the mail does only last a year. It’s probably best to check the game out soon and add her to your team.

How to Get Herta

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Coming back to characters you can’t miss, we have Herta. She focuses on hitting multiple enemies and can buff herself. Her type is Ice, and her path is Erudition.

Herta is mentioned plenty at first, especially because you’re on a space station named after her. Soon after she’s been seen for the first time, you’ll have to enter her Simulated Universe as part of the Trailblaze Mission “Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta.” She’ll be unlocked after completing it.

How to Get Natasha

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This is another free character that you’ll be unlocking eventually. Natasha is a doctor in Belobog, and keeping with her own lore, she plays a healer role. Her type is Physical, and her path is Abundance.

Natasha will be unlocked as you complete quests on the planet Jarilo-VI. To be more exact, she’s unlocked after completing the Trailblaze Mission “Lying in Rust.“ She’s a favorite among the free characters and still sits high on tier lists. I highly recommend leveling her up and crafting a strong Natasha build.

How to Get Qingque

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Next up is Qingque, although it might be a while until you unlock her. She’s the only free character to have the Quantum type, while her path is Erudition.

Qingque is unlocked through the Forgotten Hall game mode, which challenges players with tough battles. You’ll need to have reached a Trailblaze Level of 21 and then clear Forgotten Hall – Memory Stage 3 to unlock her.

How to Get Yukong

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Rounding out the list of free characters in Honkai Star Rail is Yukong, who was added in a version 1.1 banner and then added for free in version 1.2. She’s the first and only free character to have the Imaginary type, while her path is Harmony.

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Yukong is also unlocked in the Forgotten Hall game mode, but you’ll need to unlock the Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou stages first and then just clear the first stage in the group. Before you can do that though, you first need to complete the A Dragon Gallant, It’s Ocean Distant Trailblaze mission, which is the latest added in the Version 1.2 update.

That’s how to get all the free characters Honkai Star Rail. There could be more permanent or limited-time free characters added in the future. For other burning questions you may have on your space train adventure, including every character’s skills and ultimates, check out our Honkai Star Rail guides.

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