Looking to add the Fire Trailblazer to your team in Honkai Star Rail? Here's how.

Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock Fire Preservation Trailblazer

Looking to add the Fire Trailblazer to your team in Honkai Star Rail? Here's how.

The Trailblazer main character in Honkai Star Rail starts as a Physical damage attacker with an energy-powered baseball bat. While they are perfectly usable with that weapon, it’s possible to equip them with a much more practical and useful Fire weapon. And thanks to the quality shift to Fire, it will take some time to unlock it. The new ability set is well worth the wait. Here’s how to unlock Fire Preservation Trailblazer in HSR

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Unlocking the Fire Preservation Path Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

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Before you can attempt to get the Fire Trailblazer, you need to be at least Trailblaze Level 24. You’ll need to reach that point to access the Cleanse in the Darkness Outside Trailblaze mission. Proceed through the mission as you would any other, but know that the enemies in it start at Level 36 and go up.

When you reach the end of the mission, the initial battle will be one-sided. Eventually, your Trailblazer will run up the giant robot and face Cololia herself one-on-one and will fail. Run to the center of the large space, taking in the story bits if you like. Take the fire lance from the Guardian’s Will, and use it on trial during the fight.

After winning the fight and completing the mission, you’ll be able to switch between the Trailblazer’s two Paths at any time by using the Switch command at the bottom right of their Character screen.

For many reasons, the Fire Trailblazer is an all-around better character than their Physical counterpart. They provide:

  • Some of the benefits that Clara does, with redirecting enemy attacks at themselves.
  • A shield to the entire team. It’s not the best shield at its base value, but a strong area of effect attack.
  • An Ultimate that empowers their standard attack.
  • A Fire-elemental character, which are few and far between. The only real competition is Hook; she doesn’t offer nearly as much utility.

There are several ways to build around Fire Trailblazer, whether you want to focus on their AoE damage, tanking, or support oriented. With enough high-rarity gear, doing all three and more is probably possible.

Whether Fire Trailblazer will be outclassed soon or in the distant future is unclear, but if Honkai Star Rail follows other gachas, there will be characters down the line that are downright better than any of those that came on release. How long that takes remains to be seen.

Now you know how to unlock Fire Trailblazer, and hopefully, having it on your team will be as enjoyable as the fight you have to overcome to acquire them. For more Honkai Star Rail guides, see our article on all warp trotter locations and our all achievements and rewards list. Our HSR guides hub has more.

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