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Honkai Star Rail: Yukong Build

From light cones to teams, here's everything needed for a strong Yukong build in Honkai Star Rail.

Yukong is the latest 4-star character to join Honkai Star Rail and likely the first Imaginary type for many players. Between that unique quality and her wonderful team-supporting buffs, it’s only natural that you’ll want to play her at her maximum potential. Here’s what we suggest for creating a strong Yukong build.

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Honkai Star Rail: Best Yukong Build Tips

Just like other characters following Path of The Harmony, Yukong fulfills a support role. Something different about her is that her buffs don’t scale with any of her stats. This provides her with a bit more flexibility in how you’d like to build her.

That being said, I recommend prioritizing her HP and ATK/DMG stats to increase her survival chances and allow her to dish out some damage herself. Unless you’re building a team that allows her to spam a buff-inducing skill each turn, it’s good to let her make a dent against any enemies weak to Imaginary damage.

Best Light Cones for Yukong

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There are quite a few Light Cones to improve your Yukong build, and the best are of the 4-star variety. We’ll break down your best options for improving the second playable Charioteer from the Xianzhou Alliance.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Any character on The Harmony Path benefits from this, and that includes any Yukong build. Whenever she uses her Ultimate with this Light Cone equipped, everyone on your team will have their action Advanced Forward by 16%-24%. It helps to go first, and with her buffs, it can make an even bigger difference. This light cone can be obtained from any general warp banner. It’s also currently featured on the Brilliant Fixation warp banner.

Past and Future

Past and Future adds 16%-32% increased DMG for the next ally to take action after the user activates their skill. Given that Yukong’s skill adds buffs for the next two actions, this pairs very well when you’ve got a DPS coming up. The Forgotten Hall store has this Light Cone available for 200 Lucent Afterglow. If you want to try your hand at some luck, it can also be unlocked from either the Doomsday Beast or Cocolia Echo of War bosses.

Planetary Rendezvous

Planetary Rendezvous buffs ally DMG of the same type by 12%-24%. Yukong further has an unlockable bonus ability called Bowmaster that increases ally-dealt Imaginary DMG by 12%. If you’ve been lucky enough to earn multiple Imaginary-type characters, you can make them hit harder with the above combo. This Light Cone can be obtained from any general warp banner.

Best Relics for Yukong

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Yukong has a number of options that make her more effective when it comes to Relics. Before you set out to grind the Caverns of Corrosion for new relics, I’ll say I’ve found that DMG-increasing relics provide the best foundation for any of her builds. Let’s break down her best relics, including the best Planar Ornament relic set.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Even the most simple of Relics can be beneficial, and this is the best option if you’re looking for a full set. The two-piece effect increases ATK, while the four-piece increases SPD and Basic ATK DMG. This provides reliable damage, and the speed increase will lend itself well towards reaching the limit needed to activate the Planar Ornaments effects.

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Wastelander of Banditry Desert

Of course, you can always go with this Relic set if you want to focus on dealing damage. Unless your team has someone who can debuff enemies, it’s not worth going for the 4-piece effect, though. If you want to buff Imaginary DMG specifically, I’d recommend prioritizing the two-piece effect of increasing Imaginary DMG by 10%. Use the remaining space for the two-piece effect from the Musketeer of Wild Wheat relic set.

Planar Ornaments — Fleet of the Ageless

This is another common Relic that suits Yukong well. The HP increase is great for keeping her alive, and with the 120 speed stat limit surpassed, she helps the team by increasing their ATK by 8%. This only makes her better support for all of your allies.

Which Yukong Traces Should You Upgrade?

All of her Traces are worth upgrading, but the following should sit high on the priority list for creating your Yukong build:

  • Emboldening Salvo: This skill is the core of her support game plan and increases ally ATK.
  • Diving Kestrel: Aside from doing damage, it also modifies her above skill to increase ally CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG.
  • Archerion: Provides a unique ability to resist one debuff.

Best Yukong Team Comps

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She’ll comfortably output damage with the right setup, but her role is meant to boost your main DPS allies. Since her skill is limited to only two ally turns, it’s helpful to put her on a team with two strong damage dealers and a healer. Here are her best overall team comp as well as her best F2P team comp for those trying to play with only free Honkai Star Rail characters:

Ideal Yukong DPS Team

  • DPS: Seele, Yanqing
  • Support: Yukong, Bailu

F2P Yukong Team

  • DPS: Dan Heng, Serval
  • Support: Yukong, Natasha

That’s it for our take on the best Yukong build in Honkai Star Rail. She’s flexible enough that you can slot her comfortably into any team with a bit of work, but you should be able to find as much success as I did with the above information taken into account. Those who haven’t been lucky enough to roll for her won’t need to wait much longer, as everyone will have a chance to earn her for free in version 1.2. For any other questions you might have, our updated HSR guides collection can help.

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