Honkai Star Rail: How to Get the Coffin Dancer Achievement

Here's how to unlock the Coffin Dancer achievement associated with Luocha in Honkai Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail is always adding new content, but the Coffin Dancer achievement has left many scratching their heads. It was added in Version 1.1, with the mysterious description of “Witness Luocha’s hidden side.” However, it’s only recently that players have learned what that means. Here’s how to get the Coffin Dancer achievement in HSR, and where to find the Foursquare Mirror.

How to Get the Coffin Dancer Achievement in Honkai Star Rail

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To get the Coffin Dancer achievement, you must finish the companion mission called, “A Knight Stranger.” After completing it for the first time, you’ll be given a set of rewards, and Luocha will be added as a passenger that occasionally stops by on the Express.

As soon as you travel to another area, though, you’ll receive a message from Jingyan. She’ll mention that they uncovered another recording of Luocha, and she’s leaving it with the Foursquare Mirror for you to review.

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Where to Find the Foursquare Mirror in HSR

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To get the Coffing Dancer achievement, you’ll need to find another object. There’s a solid chance you don’t know where — or even what — a Foursquare Mirror is. Since finding it isn’t technically part of a mission, the lack of objective markers makes it more difficult. To make things easier, here’s the precise location of the Foursquare Mirror. Hint: you’ll need to find Jingyan.

  • Go to the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery in Exalting Sanctum.
    • The location can be seen in the above image, and the arguably closest space anchor is the northern one labeled Synwood Pavilion.
    • Just go down three flights of steps and turn left to find the building you need to go through.
  • Once you’re inside, turn left to find Jingyan standing behind her desk. The Foursquare Mirror is the board next to her, and it will have a large sparkle in the middle to indicate that it can be interacted with.
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Investigate it, and you’ll be treated to a glitchy video and a snippet of Luocha talking. After some short complaining from March 7th about not being able to hear more, the Coffin Dancer achievement will unlock. All that’s left is to head over to the achievements list to claim the five Stellar Jade it rewards.

And that’s how to get the Coffin Dancer achievement in Honkai Star Rail. If you’re looking for another elusive achievement to get, check out our guide on the game’s Bloodborne Easter Egg. For all other things Trailblazer-related, check out our collection of HSR guides.

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