Honkai Star Rail: Best Luocha Build Guide

Luocha is a fantastic pull. Here's how to build the best healer in Honkai Star Rail.

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Luocha is the second 5-star character added for version 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail. Even if you’ve only had a chance to try him as a support or trial character, it’s easy to see how impressive he is. To make him even more effective and useful for different playstyles, there’s some leeway in how you make your Luocha build.

Although Luocha is a healer, he differs from others because his ATK stat is vital to any build. Not only does he use it to scale healing, but he also can use it to defend himself with a damage-dealing ultimate in addition to his basic attack. Below, I detail the best Light Cones, Relics, and team compositions for the best Luocha build and the Traces you should upgrade.

The Best Luocha Build Options in Honkai Star Rail Detailed

Best Light Cones for Your Luocha Build

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I have a few Light Cone recommendations to help you find the perfect build, depending on what you have available. While there are other options that can provide similar, if not slightly better, values for some stats, the goal here is to recommend ones that can benefit your Luocha build in the long run — and that the character can take full advantage of.

Light Cone: Echoes of the Coffin

Character signature cones are always a great choice for any build, and Luocha is no different. Considering that all of Luocha’s healing is scaled to his ATK, the 24%-40% increase from Echoes of the Coffin improves both his offensive and healing capabilities. Providing 12%-20% SPD after using an ultimate is just the cherry on top.

This 5-star Light Cone is only available as a temporarily featured reward from the current Brilliant Fixation Warp Banner. If you’re creating a Luocha build after the banner is over, you’ll likely need to wait until the banner repeats.

Light Cone: Perfect Timing

Equipping Perfect Timing will increase Luocha’s Effect RES by 16%-32%, with his Outgoing Healing increased by 33%-45% of his Effect RES. However, the Outgoing Healing is capped at 15%-27%, depending on your Superimposition level. That can admittedly be a little confusing to read, so let’s go through an example with the Level 1 superimposition values.

  • If a character’s Effect RES stat is at 50% after equipping the Light Cone, the Outgoing Healing will be calculated at 33% (one-third) of that — or 16.5%.
  • However, you’ll only see a 15% boost due to the percentage cap I mentioned. All in all, this is a powerful Light Cone as long as you have decent Effect RES.

This 4-star light cone is available in any warp banner.

Light Cone: Quid Pro Quo

If you’re feeling comfortable enough with Luocha’s healing and want him to help in another way, Quid Pro Quo is the answer. Each time the user’s turn comes around, it regenerates 8%-16% energy for any other random ally with less than 50% energy. It leaves a lot to chance, but this is a great way to support your allies further.

This Light Cone is available in the Forgotten Hall Store and can be a drop from both the Doomsday Beast and Cocolia Echo of War bosses. It’s also a reward for reaching Trailblaze Level 20.

Best Relics for Your Luocha Build

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Relics follow the same strategy for any Luocha build: we want to increase his ATK and Outgoing Healing. Here are two recommendations from Caverns of Corrosion Relics and the best Planar Ornament relic set.

Relic: Passerby of Wandering Cloud

Every healer is better off with this set, and Luocha is no different. The 2-piece effect increasing Outgoing Healing by 10% is fantastic to have, and the 4-piece effect of starting a battle with 4 skill points is always helpful, making Passerby of Wandering Cloud a great option.

Relic: Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Musketeer of the Wild Wheat is valuable simply because most of what Luocha does scales with his ATK. Having both effects from the Relic set is nice, but I would suggest only going for the 2-piece effect that increases ATK by 12%. The 4-piece effect might not be as handy as what you can get with two pieces from the previous relic set.

Planar Ornaments: Space Sealing Station

In the same vein that Musketeer of Wild Wheat is useful for increasing ATK, the same can be said of the Planar Ornament Relic. Make sure that Luocha’s SPD reaches 120, and you’ll certainly notice the 24% ATK increase.

Which Luocha Traces Should You Upgrade?

It’s almost always worth upgrading as many Traces as possible for a character, especially when some add on unique mechanics. These are the ones I recommend prioritizing first for your Luocha build:

  • Cleansing Revival: Luocha’s first bonus ability is his best, allowing his skill to remove 1 debuff from the targeted ally.
  • Prayer of Abyss Flower: Luocha’s Skill provides great healing and is a no-brainer for upgrading.
  • Cycle of Life: His talent is a consistent source of healing that you’ll be aiming to keep activated as much as possible.

Best Team Comps for Your Luocha Build

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Luocha will fit on any team as a healer, and from my experience, you don’t need to worry about anyone else fulfilling a tank or shield role. Add on your favorite DPS characters, and make sure to pair him with a support character that can boost his ATK.

Related: Honkai Star Rail: Yukong Build

Unsurprisingly, all Luocha builds work quite well with Yukong. They both recently released and are both Imaginary types, meaning Yukong can increase his DMG if she has her Bowmaster ability unlocked. Any F2P teams will work just fine with Asta filling in for support, though.

Solo Heal Team

  • Healer: Luocha
  • Support: Yukong
  • DPS: Jing Yuan, Seele

F2P Luocha Team

  • Healer: Luocha
  • Support: Asta
  • DPS: Dan Heng, Serval

Keep the above in mind, and you’ll be more than prepared to create a powerful Luocha build in Honkai Star Rail. 5-star characters typically feel better than 4-stars, and he might just be the best healer in the game currently. If you’re curious about other characters we might see in the future, check out our list of upcoming characters. Everything else can be seen with our HSR guides hub.

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