Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: How to Unlock More Cars

Trying to unlock everything in HWU2? Here's how to get more vehicles.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 has a ton of vehicles to choose from, but only a handful are available from the start. Here’s how to unlock more cars in HWU2.

How to Unlock More Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

The Shop

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The first place to get new cars is to purchase them from the shop. These range from 2,000 to 5,000 coins depending on the rarity of the vehicle. Furthermore, there’s only a handful available at a time and they rotate every 45 minutes. You can spend 300 coins to rotate the offerings immediately, though.

Although this doesn’t give access to everything, we’ve found that this is the most common method for unlocking the remainder of the 130+ roster.

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Hot Wheels Spin

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Your next best bet to unlock additional cars is with the Hot Wheels Spin system. Acting as a slot machine, each pull can provide you with different currencies, skill points, or even some rare vehicles. You’ll need Spin Tokens to use this, though, which you’ll obtain from leveling up or completing certain Unleashed Missions.

It’s important to note that this does function like a slot machine in the sense that it’s random. You can spend a lot of tokens here and end up with nothing but some gold and skill points.

Unleashed Missions

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The last place to naturally unlock cars and the least common is through rewards for some Unleashed Missions. A majority of these give you a variety of cosmetics, such as profile backgrounds, but a few of them provide Secret-tier cars instead.

While the rarest cars can be found here, you’ll certainly have to earn them. Some of the missions that provide vehicles include beating all the bosses in the campaign, finishing a Drift Master course without hitting anything, or upgrading every other vehicle to its maximum level.

Purchase DLC

Like its predecessor, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 has current and planned DLC content that includes new cars and tracks. If you want to own everything, you’ll need to part ways with some of your real money.

That covers every way to unlock additional cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2. If you want to begin any race right, no matter the vehicle, check out our Boost Start guide. Any other small-scale racing question you have can be answered with our growing HWU2 guides hub.

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