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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: How to Win Quick Race on Extreme Difficulty

We break down how to race against the toughest AI and unlock the Street Noz in HWU2.

Playing Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 on higher difficulties can be challenging thanks to much more aggressive A.I. racers. But we have some tips on how to win quick races on Extreme difficulty, as well as unlock the associated Street Noz secret vehicle.

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Tips for Winning Quick Races on Extreme Difficulty in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

Upgrade Your Vehicle

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My first tip is to upgrade your vehicle and equip some skills. Changing the rate at which your boost accumulates or how much handling you have will make a car feel brand-new. Gaining immunity to certain obstacles can help a lot, depending on the track. Every race and vehicle is different, though, so there’s no perfect mix of skills to help here. You’ll just need to experiment.

Scout the Track Out First

The next tip is to check the track beforehand with some practice races. I recommend doing it on a slightly easier difficulty at first, so you don’t have to worry about AI racers pushing you off a track. Get to know the ins and outs, so you’re prepared to jump any obstacle and drift every corner perfectly.

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Use Shortcuts

Another tip, and one of the most crucial, is to use shortcuts when you can. The AI strictly keeps to the track, no matter the difficulty setting. Whether it’s a ventilation duct off course or you’re just cutting between some cones, these will help you get ahead.

Be a Little Aggressive

Don’t hesitate to dash into someone who’s giving you problems. You shouldn’t hit a lot of other racers since that will slow you down and use up your boost reserves, but a few choice pushes here and there (such as before a jump) can be worth it.

How to Beat the Extreme! Challenge

One of the biggest reasons every player will want to attempt this experience is for the Extreme! Unleashed Mission. If you win five quick races on the hardest difficulty, you’ll unlock the secret vehicle known as the Street Noz. It’s an intimidating feat, but it can be accomplished by players of all skill levels on the Graffiti and Skates track in the Gas Station environment.

What makes it easy is that it has one of the biggest and easiest shortcuts in the game that bypasses half the track. You’ll find it about midway through as you race on the ground and beneath a couple of dumpsters. After passing the checkpoint here, you’ll find another one close by and just a bit further. Feel free to keep between the cones as you drift around the corner and approach the next checkpoint.

What follows is a long part of the track that takes you off the ground and through a van, a snapping snakehead, a big loop, and a tire. It’s a lengthy process that can take you 30-45 seconds, depending on your speed and how aggressive the AI treats you. Something interesting about this section is that there’s no checkpoint during all of this. You won’t come across another until you’re back on the ground and passing the final one before the finish line.

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We’re going to skip everything I described above. Ignore the track and take an immediate right after going through the second checkpoint near the dumpsters. I recommend slowing down a bit to do this cleanly, although those who drifted off course from the previous checkpoint can thread the needle between it and a nearby pole. You’ll still have plenty of time if you do decide to take it slow.

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Ahead is the last bit of the course. On your left will be the finish line, and a little bit farther back next to the wall, will be the next checkpoint. We want to drive toward the checkpoint and preferably be on the left side. You’ll need to pass through the section leading to the finish, which will activate a three-second respawn timer since the game will detect you’re past where you’re supposed to be. Use whatever boost you have to rush through and make it to the wall.

Cross the checkpoint and then drive through the remainder of the track to pass the finish line and start a new lap. The whole process takes about 3-5 seconds, depending on how fast you’re going. Even if the AI left you behind at the start, you should be far ahead of them now. Rinse and repeat for the next two laps, and you’ll reach number one on the podium with no difficulty.

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How to Unlock Street Noz

You can then restart and do it all over again. The Extreme! challenge doesn’t require different tracks, so feel free to grind this out four more times. It will only take around 10 minutes total, after which you can use the following steps to unlock a new vehicle:

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Click on Your Profile.
  • Click on Unleashed Missions.
  • Swap to the Specialist Tab and redeem the reward.

That covers how to win quick races on Extreme difficulty in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 and unlock the Street Noz. For other tough-as-nails challenges, check out our guide on how to beat drift master missions. All other tips and tricks can be found on our HWU2 guides hub.

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