How Challenge Moons Work in Lethal Company

Wondering what challenge moons are in Lethal Company? Here's a complete rundown.

The monitor on a challenge moon in Lethal Company.
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The newest feature added to everyone’s favorite intergalactic trash collector simulator (I like that term) is challenge moons. These function as weekly challenges with scoreboards. In this guide, I’ll briefly cover how challenge moons work in Lethal Company.

How to Play Challenge Moons and What They are in Lethal Company

Challenge moons are Lethal Company‘s very own weekly challenges, offering the same moon to anyone who dares take them on for that week. They’re challenges only for the bravest employees. And most won’t have the mettle to enter them to end the day with a profit score worth bragging about.

Lethal Company challenge moons cycle out each Monday afternoon. No two challenge moons are the same, though a week’s challenge moon is identical each time you enter it until the next week’s moon replaces it.

A single challenge moon always has the same enemies, scrap, and layout. You can try it again and again. You’ll only have one in-game day to make a profit, though.

Once you’ve finished your one day on that week’s challenge moon and leave the lobby, you can compare your score to your friends and global players by clicking on the moon in the Host menu.

Two coil-heads in Lethal Company.
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How to Play Challenge Moons in Lethal Company

How to Host a Challenge Moon

To host a challenge moon in Lethal Company, go to Host in the main menu. Click on the bottom option below your save games to select that week’s moon.

How to Join a Challenge Moon

Challenge moon lobbies are listed among regular ones. Look for those with purple plates in the lobby list to join one.

Lethal Company Challenge Moon Tips

  • When you first land on a challenge moon, open up the terminal and enter the command “scan” to see how much scrap can be found.
  • Take a look at how much money you have on the terminal and buy the supplies you can before heading out. You can place your order before landing, so there’s less of a wait for delivery.
  • You might find scrap that could help you deal with the challenge moon’s monsters, like a homemade flashbang or laser pointer. You can use Laser Pointers to distract Forest Keepers.
  • Some monsters may hide behind locked doors inside the facility. Don’t be surprised to find a Jester hiding in a hallway with some scrap.
  • You can’t use a Lockpicker on locked doors on challenge moons. You have to find keys.

That’s it for how challenge moons work in Lethal Company. They’re a much-needed challenge mode, that’s for sure, and I’m glad to have them available. Check out my guide for this week’s challenge moon for help, and take a gander at some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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