Two verified methods for beating Minecraft without crafting or mining.

How to Beat Minecraft Without Crafting or Mining

Two verified methods for beating Minecraft without crafting or mining.

Whether you’re playing the Bedrock Edition or another version, Minecraft is all about mining and crafting. Both activities are extremely important for the game’s survival mode. But is it possible to actually beat Minecraft without crafting and mining? The short answer is, “yes.” 

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Each of the methods below require different actions to complete, but the goal is always the same: beating Minecraft without crafting or mining. 

How to Beat Minecraft Without Crafting

An End Portal in Minecraft.

Beating Minecraft without crafting is easier than doing so without mining. Since you can find many of the materials and items you need in the world and its dungeons, mansions, and villages, defeating mobs isn’t as difficult.

Look in these places to find the necessary tools for survival:

  • Village Blacksmiths: These usually provide you with armor, tools, materials, food, and even diamonds.
  • Desert Temples: These usually provide you with better loot than blacksmiths. Many also have horse saddles.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts: These mostly contain the tools required for mining. Of course, they often contain ores, as well.
  • Jungle Temples: These are similar to desert temples, but instead of saddles, they will often provide rotten meat.
  • Shipwrecks: These often contain enchanted gear and treasure maps that lead to even more loot.

To find weapons, you need to trade with villagers. Use the loot you find inside the chests in the areas listed above. Once you get a decent weapon, you can raid rare pillager posts as well. Just be careful of Iron Golems that sometimes spawn. 

Once you’ve scavenged enough gear, you can find and kill an Ender Dragon to finish the game. To get to the End of Minecraft, you must find a stronghold and activate the portal with the Eyes of Ender.

Unfortunately, you can only purchase the Eyes of Ender from a Cleric in Minecraft 1.3 through Minecraft 1.8. You could find an End Portal with all eyes activated, although it is very rare.

If you can’t purchase the Eyes of Ender, you will have to make an exception and craft them with Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder before activating the End Portal and killing the Ender Dragon with the bow. Just beware of roaming Enderman or two. 

How to Beat Minecraft Without Mining

A Nether Portal in Minecraft.

To beat Minecraft you need to kill an Ender Dragon. You not only need to find a way to activate the End Portal, but you also need to find a stronghold with open access to its portal. Since you can’t use your pickaxe, these steps are crucial. 

Step 1: Build Nether Portal

You need obsidian blocks, and you can often find them inside blacksmith chests. Unfortunately, you won’t find not enough to build the Nether Portal this way. Instead, you must craft 14 obsidian blocks without mining. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Craft a bucket
  2. Find a source of water and fill it up
  3. Find a lava pool
  4. Pour water over lava

This will generate obsidian blocks, which you can collect and use to build the Nether Portal.

Step 2: Get Blaze Rods

To activate the Nether Portal, you must craft Flint and Steel. Then you must set the portal on fire, which will activate the vortex.

Enter the portal and find a Nether Fortress. Inside the fortress, you must defeat Blaze mobs that drop Blaze Rods.

When you have at least six Blaze Rods, you can return to the overworld.

Step 3: Get Ender Pearls

There is no easy way to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft. You need to either kill Endermen, which can be found in shadowy places and underground, or trade five Emeralds for one Ender Pearl at the church.

You will need 12 Ender Pearls and 12 Blaze Powder (each Blaze Rod produces 2 Blaze Powder) to be able to craft 12 Eyes of Ender and activate the End Portal.

When all of that is done, you can enter the End and kill the Ender Dragon.

That’s it on how to beat Minecraft without crafting and mining. For more Minecraft guides, check out the list below:

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