How to Change Clothes in Ooblets

Be as stylish as you can be by learning how to change clothes in Ooblets. It's easy!

Be as stylish as you can be by learning how to change clothes in Ooblets. It's easy!

When you start Ooblets and create your character, you’re able to choose the clothes your character wears. The thing is, your options are very limited and pre-defined by the game. Because of that, there’s a good chance you’ll want to change clothes once you start playing. 

Doing so is easy, and technically, you can change your clothes as soon as you get off of the boat in Badgetown and complete Mayor Tinstle’s first real task (beating the Clickyclaw in the Town Hall).

However, you have to buy new clothes first, and you won’t have enough gummies saved up to buy anything for a little while longer. 

Get Gummies to Buy Clothes

Meed's Seeds shop and Plenny's kiosk next to the Badgetown map.

As soon as you can, go to the Learnery in the up right-hand corner of the map. Help Rugnolia with her ooblet research project by using the scanner at the back of the room. Scan your ooblet, and Rugnolia will give you 50 gummies. That’s enough to buy a few accessories or an item of clothing at Kibbonbon (more on that below).

To get more gummies, forage everything you come across, from clothlets and gastroglobs to buttonboys and sporbets. You can sell these at Meed’s Seeds, which is the green building next to the Badgetown map on the far left side of the main area, just where you exit to go to your farm. 

You can also sell crops at Meed’s and Plenny’s Bulk Orders, the kiosk just to the right of Meed’s Seeds. However, Plenny only buys crops and other items in bulk, while Meed buys them individually. 

Eventually, you’ll also be able to take on small tasks for many of the townsfolk. Typically, your reward will be gummies. Not a lot of gummies, but it helps! 

How to Change Clothes

Kibbonbon is recognizable by large teal cat above the door.

Once you have enough gummies to buy a piece of clothing or an accessory, go to Kibbonbon. This is Churles’ shop, and you’ll find it to the right of Meed’s Seeds; it has the big teal cat above the shop door and clothes on stands.

Most everything is 50 gummies, though some things sell for as low as 16 gummies. The Basic Bum Bag, which increases your inventory slots, is 250 gummies. 

To buy an item, simply walk up to it and interact with it. Confirm you want to buy, and it’s yours. It automatically goes into your clothing and accessories inventory. Press “Tab” on PC or “Y’ on Xbox One to open your inventory

You’ll see your character on the left-hand side of the Grumboire, as well as your current level and a string of icons. Choose the icon with the shirt symbol under the “Stuff!” tab

The Ooblet's inventory screen with the round, shirt icon highlighted.

When you click that, you’ll be taken to another screen (seen at the top of this guide). There is a box to the right that contains all of your clothing and accessories, and there are tabs along the top for different categories, such as shirts, pants, shoes, etc. You can choose options from either; they’re the same. One option is just more organized than the other. 

To put on a piece of clothing or accessory, simply click it, and it will automatically appear on your character. Exit the menu and then your inventory and voila, you’ve changed your clothes! 

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That’s all you need to know about how to change your clothes in Ooblets. Currently, clothes don’t take up any actual inventory space, so you’re free to continue harvesting crops and foraging for items. For more on Ooblets, be sure to check out the links above! 

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