How to Change Your Display Name in Valorant

Here's how to change your display name in Valorant if you've come up with something better.

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There may come a time when you want to know how to change your display name in Valorant. Maybe you originally chose something you don’t like anymore, or perhaps you’ve come up with something that’s clever or suits your personality better. Whatever the reason, getting rid of your old RiotID is easy and straightforward.

How to Change Your Display Name in Valorant

Here’s the exact way to change your display name in Valorant:

  • Close Valorant and the Riot Client from your taskbar.
  • Login to Riot here.
  • Select Riot ID from the Account Management menu on the left.
  • Click your Riot ID box.
  • Type in your new name.
  • Click Save Changes.

The process to change your display name is quick and 100% free of charge. The only real hurdle is that you can only alter your RiotID every 30 days, so if you make a mistake or change your mind again, you’ll have to wait about a month before switching again. It’s a process I’ve used a few times over the years, and at least we don’t have to shell out cash for it (looking at you, Sony).

While you can change your display name an infinite number of times, the Tagline numbers will always remain the same. It’s also important to note that your login username will retain your original Riot ID. You can view a partially redacted version of your original username under the Riot Account Sign-In menu.

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How to Recover Your Display Name

Sometimes it can get tough keeping track of usernames from long ago; I know I can be forgetful. If you have any issues logging in with your original username or forget it in the future, you can also select Can’t Sign In > Forgot Username? when attempting to log in and retrieve it from your email. You’ll receive an email with steps to recover your RiotID and password.

That’s how to change your display name in Valorant. Now that you’re ready to log back in and keep climbing the ladder with your new moniker, be sure to check out our guides hub here for more tips and tricks.

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