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How to Find and Catch Vixy in Palworld

Looking to add a few Vixy Pals to your base? Here's how to find and catch them.

Every Pal in Palworld can serve more than one purpose, but Vixy can add even more value than just providing power, chopping down trees, or mining ore. Knowing how to find and catch Vixy allows them to generate actual money and Pal Spheres, among a host of other useful items.

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How to Find Vixy in Palworld

A wild Vixy Pal wandering the forest in Palworld
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Vixy Pals live in a narrow band just west and northwest of the starting zone of Palworld. Their habitat extends northward from the land near the tip of the skeleton in the water to the northmost section of the red-duned desert. The line is fairly thin and doesn’t extend too far east or west, so you can start in the valleys directly west of the starting area, then make your way north, and you should see at least a few of them.

Where you can find the Vixy Pal in Palworld
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In my testing, however, the easiest and most consistent way to find Vixy in Palworld is to keep exploring the area immediately surrounding the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, the first boss arena you faced at the end of the tutorial. I had a bear of a time finding them in the red-sand area, though they did appear there occasionally.

You can wander in any direction around the Tower, as well. North, south, east, west — it doesn’t seem to matter. So long as you keep the Tower within about 200-300 meters, you should find more than enough Vixy to fill whatever quota you’re looking to meet.

How to Catch Vixy in Palworld

Attempting to capture the Vixy Pal in Palworld
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Vixy are early-game Pals, unique mostly to the easiest-accessible areas in Palworld. As a result, you won’t find them higher than level seven or eight. Depending on when you’re farming them, you could easily run the risk of one-shotting the Vixy you want before you have a chance to capture it. There are four main ways to help in catching rather than KO-ing Vixy:

  • Don’t attack Vixy with Pals in your team. Whether you leave your Pals in their spheres or command them not to attack, as long as your personal team isn’t actively attacking, you have a bit more leeway in actually catching Vixy.
  • Throw higher-power Pal Spheres. You don’t need to actually fight Vixy to capture it. If you use a Mega or Giga Sphere, you’ll automatically have a much better chance at capturing Vixy outright without needing to fight it all.
  • Catch Vixy sleeping. Sleeping Pals are much easier to catch, and Vixy is no exception. If you wait around until nighttime among a group of them, you’ll have a much better chance of hitting them with a Mega Sphere and getting the catch. It’s not a guarantee unless you’ve massively improved your Capture Power, but the odds do go up.
  • Attack with an Axe or Pickaxe. Neither of these gathering tools is meant for combat. As such, they do much less damage when you hit things with them. As long as you’re not, say, level 40, your Axe and Pickaxe should tickle Vixie enough to make it easier to capture. Just don’t go overboard.

Overall, it’s not difficult to find and capture as many Vixy Pals as your heart desires. You can also farm them for Bones, should you need more of those. Though I don’t think I’d be the only one to call you a monster for doing so. If you’re looking for more Palworld content, check out our guides hub.

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