Finding it hard to find Monster Broth? Here are the monsters and where to find them.

How to Find and Farm Monster Broth in Monster Hunter World

Finding it hard to find Monster Broth? Here are the monsters and where to find them.

Through most of the Monster Hunter franchise, many ingredients reappear throughout the games. Monster Broth is no different. Being a sought-out crafting material, one of the many items you can make with it is the Dark Scimitar I. There are several ways to farm this material, and here are the tips to get it effectively.

To begin, you’ll need to find two specific insects:

Use Hornetaurs to farm monster broth in MH World

  • The Hornetaur, which is located in the Rotten Vale, 
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  • and the Vespoid, which can be found in the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, and Rotten Vale.




 For both of these creatures, you must fight them on a difficulty of six stars or higher.

But with these bugs, there is a chance with killing them that they won’t leave a corpse behind. The currently effective way to ensure that they do is to use your capture net, which you can spam and which has low damage output. The insects will then be stun locked, and after four hits, you have a higher chance of a guaranteed harvest. Poison bombs have also been found to be an effective tactic.

If you wish to increase your chances, take the skill Entomologist. This skill increases the chance for insects to leave a corpse behind, thus increasing your effectiveness in farming Monster Broth.

There it is, nice and simple, all laid out for you. Good luck on your hunting, hunters!

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