Giant stone boss in the desert region of FF7 Rebirth
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How to Find and Pressure Elder Golem in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Here's how to find and pressure Elder Golem in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth using Wind Materia.

Elder Golem is one of the endgame bosses in FF7 Rebirth, a part of the Forgotten Toys fiend intel. This enemy holds a lot of energy, which needs to be exhausted. In my guide, I’ll show you how to find and pressure Elder Golem in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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FF 7 Rebirth: How to Find Elder Golem

Elder Golem is an ancient stone monster, who got stuck in the desert of the Cosmo Canyon region. I located his spawn point to the north of the Ancient Capital Tower. But first, I suggest you activate the tower to get the marker on your minimap. Otherwise, simply follow the marker that I used on the map below for quick access to the Elder Golem’s spot.

This particular enemy appears only in Chapter 10, so I figured there’s no point in approaching this fight until I reach at least Level 39. What makes Elder Golem so powerful is the amount of energy that he possesses, and exhausting it will be a hard task.

Elder Golem map location in FF7 Rebirth
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FF 7 Rebirth: How to Pressure Elder Golem

As I already mentioned, Elder Golem is made of stone and thus immune to most elemental damage as well as physical damage. But during my research, I discovered that Elder Golem is actually susceptible to Wind damage, which makes the Wind Materia a great help in this battle.

How to Get Wind Materia in FF7 Rebirth

As is typical for most Materia in the game, you can get Wind Materia using several different methods. I’ve listed them all below for your convenience:

  • Once you and Tifa have explored Chapter 1 and battled multiple enemy groups, you will ultimately reach a dead end marked by a collapsed bridge. Tifa is going to say something like: “Hey! Not That Way!” And you’ll see the Wind Materia on a ledge to the right as you turn to Tifa.
  • After you repair the windmill in the Windmill Settlement during the “Where the Wind Blows” side quest in Chapter 2, the Wind Materia will drop out of the windmill once this side mission is finished.
  • Finish Chadley’s Battle Intel 02 task to earn Wind Materia for a reduced price, which typically costs 2,000 Gil.

Best Characters to Beat Elder Golem

If, for some reason, you weren’t able to collect the Wind Materia, then I found a way to pressure Elder Golem by simply using specific attacks that exhaust his energy levels to the point of being staggered and pressured.

  • Use Cloud’s Barver attack to jump up into the air and deal a powerful blow. I noticed that it deals enough burst damage required to stagger Elder Golem. Although it’s quite costly in terms of ATB.
  • Once Cloud’s attack staggers the enemy, use Tifa’s Divekick attack to finish the job. This devastating finisher will pressure Elder Golem, who won’t be able to interrupt the combo.

Elder Golem Rewards

Once Elder Golem is pressured and finally defeated, he’ll drop Crymsonite Crystal and Cosmotite Ore.

That’s it for my guide on how to find and pressure Elder Golem in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Stay tuned for more FF7RB tips and tricks articles, including best weapons tier list and how to get them and how to find and pressure Aggrevrikon.

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