Wondering how to flatten opponents in Mario Kart Tour? This guide tells you how to make MKT courses a nightmare for your opponents.

How to Flatten Opponents in Mario Kart Tour

Wondering how to flatten opponents in Mario Kart Tour? This guide tells you how to make MKT courses a nightmare for your opponents.

The new weekly Halloween tour challenges have players attempting everything from using mustached drivers to flattening opponents 3 times in a Mario Kart Tour race.

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How exactly do you flatten another driver like a pancake? At first it seems like this challenge involves running over drivers with the Mega Mushroom, but that doesn’t actually count as a “flatten.”

Instead, you need to run over opponents while they are decreased in size after being hit by lightning!

Flatten An Opponent 3 Times In Mario Kart Tour

You can potentially complete the challenge in any track with any glider/kart combo just by waiting to eventually pull the right item from an item box.

Obviously its easier if you play a track with a favored driver so you get 3 items per box.

Using the Rainy Balloons or Cloud Glider also increases your chances of pulling lightning, which is the rarest of all items to acquire.

You are also more likely to get Lightning if you aren’t in the front, so stay in the middle or last place to boost your chances.

When an opponent is stunned by lightning, wait until you see the lighting icon behind them, then line yourself and run them over directly from behind (this doesn’t seem to work as well if you are drifting).

You should see the “smash” notification in the right corner if you did it correctly.

Note that you don’t have to fire off the lightning yourself to flatten an opponent! You can also run them over even if a different driver used the lightning. This is also easier to do if you are using an enhancement item like the Mega Mushroom or normal Mushroom. 

Where did you finally flatten three opponents? Let us know your favorite course and driver for this challenge in the comments below!

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