Mario Kart Tour Guide: Land 5 Hits With Bob-ombs Using a Driver With an Extended Tongue

You'll need a spooky driver and a glider with an extra Bob-omb focused skill for any chance at completing this difficult Halloween Mario Kart Tour challenge!

One of the most difficult challenges to arrive with the Halloween event in Mario Kart Tour is to land 5 hits with Bob-ombs in a single race using a driver with an extended tongue.

This one is even more RNG-heavy than the mustache driver challenge, as there are only three drivers who currently match the description, and they are all newly added characters that are extremely rare to pull from the pipe.

Landing 5 Bob-Omb Hits With An Extended Tongue Driver

Unlike many other challenges, this one doesn't rely on hitting a specific point goal, so it doesn't matter what kart you pick.

However, there is definitely a glider you want to use if you've managed to pull it!

The Swooper has the Bob-omb Plus skill, which greatly increases your chances of getting a Bob-omb when hitting an item box.

Whether you have the Swooper or not, this challenge is all about choosing a favored track with one of these three drivers so you get a higher chance of pull Bob-ombs during the course:

  • King Boo
  • Luigi's Mansion King Boo
  • Yoshi

Although Yoshi's picture in the driver roster doesn't show him with an extended tongue like with King Boo, he still counts for the purposes of the challenge.

Now, on to actually completing the challenge! Here's the absolute easiest way to do this one (if you got lucky with your driver pulls):

Take Luigi's Mansion King Boo to either Bowser's Castle 1 or Ghost Valley 1R, both of which have very square shaped maps with sharp corners where everyone will be clumped up. If you have it, obviously use the Swooper.

Keep hitting item boxes till you either get a Bob-omb frenzy, which virtually guarantees completing the challenge, or until you can utilize the driver's Bob-Bomb Cannon skill, which lobs a volley of Bob-ombs in front of you.

If you use that skill while in the middle of the pack, you can land 5 hits all in one go.

If you find you never get Bob-ombs from item boxes, try dropping back to a lower spot, as drivers in 1st place get coins, bananas, and green shells more often than other items.

Here's the full list of favored courses for the drivers with extended tongues where you are more likely to pull 3 Bob-ombs at a time:

Driver Favored Courses
King Boo Shy Guy Bazaar
Luigi's Mansion
Ghost Valley 1R
Luigi's Mansion King Boo Bowser's Castle 1
Shy Guy Bazaar T
Luigi's Mansion T
Rock Rock Mountain T
Ghost Valley 1
Ghost Valley 1R
Yoshi Yoshi Circuit
Yoshi Circuit T
Rock Rock Mountain


Stay tuned for more Halloween tour guides coming soon, and in the mean time check out our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

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Published Oct. 23rd 2019

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